Saturday, March 13, 2010

Out With the Old - Symbolically

Ah the good old days - those sure were the days, weren't they?
But while the good old days may be admired we shouldn't get mired in them!

Thinking back to the easier times of our youth we long for the comfort zones created by our parents.

But while nostalgia provides a respite from reality unfortunately the old days are no more and it is time to wake up and smell reality. 

Toward that end I would like to suggest changing some of the old symbols of society to reflect their new agenda.

I believe we can all agree that Congress is dysfunctional so let's start there! 

I would love to hear which of the following symbols you feel we should choose for each and feel free to add your own suggestions: 

R - The Republican Party (Was the G O P Elephant)
D - The Democratic Party (Was the Goat or Ass) 

R1 - The Stop Sign Party?

R2 - The Bribes R Us Party

R3 - The Roadblock Party?

D1 - The Ostrich Party?

D2 -  The Scaredy Cat Party?


D3 - The hands Are Tied Party?


R4 or D4 - The Flip-Flopping Party

One final note.

Since we are handing out new symbols and logos why not allow the public to have one?  And it is only fitting that it reflect the way of the world as we know it.

It should have the colors of our flag and be made up of two figures, one of which is an average American and the other is the all powerful Lobbyist.  You decide which is which.

This is the new American "OK" symbol!

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Reschzoo said...

I'm voting for R3 and D2!