Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Has PC Gone Too Far

We all have fun with the political correctness plague that took over the nation a few years back.  You all know the idea.  Instead of calling the man who removes your ‘curbside waste’ a garbage collector he is now your friendly neighborhood ‘sanitary engineer.’

Many of the terms used are good and a necessary change from the past when labels were meant to be hurtful.  We can all cite many of those as, for example the improper slur and precursor to 'African American.'

Used correctly PC terms are euphoric euphemisms meant to deflect the mind from terms recipients mind being called.

The natural progression to the absurd has yielded such terms as ‘altitude challenged’ in place of short, or ‘follicle deficient’ for baldness.

But sometimes 'PC' is just 'Plain Caka.'  Because unfortunately euphemisms have not stopped with the ‘cute.’  They are being used regularly to make a bad situation sound good.  Business owners and politicians are becoming masters at this.

In order to balance the budget of New York’s Nassau County newly elected Supervisor, Ed Mangano proposed a bunch of ideas.  One of these taken from his ‘laundry list’ states that he is going to “Lower expenses in the traffic and parking violations bureau.”

This is a good thing, right?  I mean lowering expenses is always the way to go in order to save money.  But take a close look at the agency he is targeting.  There is very little expense in having a person come in to pay a parking ticket.  The agency is comprised mainly of workers in charge of accepting the payment of fines so to cut costs here merely means firing workers.

Naturally if Mr. Mangano said he was going to save money by firing low wage workers he might face a little opposition so he uses the quasi PC terminology.

This happens to be the same man who hired a former convicted felon and close personal friend to a new part time job at $90K per year.  His crime was using minorities to fake injuries and ‘game’ the system out of millions.  And to make matters worse the agency in which he was placed is the Office of Minority Affairs!

This is why when a politician shakes your hand your first instinct should be to count your fingers.  And when they use politically correct terminology these truth-o-phobes are revealing themselves as ‘dictionary definition delinquents.’

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