Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Change is good!
We all know that.
And we should praise those who have seen the error of their ways and have been able to effect a change.

So I hereby praise the entire Republican Party for their recent morphing act.  Almost to a person the entire "Party of NO" has become "THE PARTY OF NO, RETROACTIVELY!"

After a one hundred year fight to tear down the wall between the tax paying citizen of America and affordable fair healthcare the Democrats mustered enough scrotum content to pass a milquetoast beginning.

The Republicans and their handlers fought a tough battle to stop this affront to everything Conservative.  Shouting Armageddon and Waterloo they walked lockstep together arm in arm but in the end fell short of their goal.

The law is being changed, albeit in a tiny way and for a tiny amount of people but it is a start.

Now the Republicans, every man, woman and talk show jack-ass are gearing up for the repeal fight!  They will not stop until the "NO" can be placed retroactively on anything that will save a life but cost a corporation a dollar!

They used to say that the human body was worth 78¢.  Unfortunately that is still how much the insurance companies are willing to pay out if you get sick or die.  I'm sorry, that's a bit harsh, with inflation it's up to a buck eighty.

But when I said change was good I did not mean the type of change that jingles in your pocket.

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