Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blame Obama or the Republicans? BOTH

An e-mail circulating around now has to do with how member countries of the United Nations vote.

In it we are told that every Arab and Middle East nation votes against anything the United States wants between 70% and 80% of the time.

We are also informed that these nations receive billions of dollars in aid from us.
The idea is that since they do not ever seem to come to our side then we should not send them aid.

This is a tough argument that easily could have its roots in the chicken and the egg scenario.  

But it also could have an analogy in our Congressional troubles.

Special interest groups such as the health insurance lobby and the gun lobby to name just two also send aid in the form of bribes to our Senators and Congressmen.  The big obvious difference is that here the votes are generally cast favorably for them.

I submitted this fact to the person who sent the e-mail to me stating that perhaps we should have our wonderful lobbyists send the aid to the Middle East since they are so much better at getting results.

I received a satisfying, "Very Funny."  But what followed was an interesting question, in light of what is happening in DC, "Do you still think President Obama is a good President?"

My reply follows herewith:

Like the old Pennsylvania Dutch ad said, “Get to know what good is!”

President Obama should not be judged on everything that happens for the following reasons:

The loyal opposition has decided to block any and every measure he tries.  If this were a movie even you would be booing the Republicans!

But knowing this fact and the fact that one of their Senators even claimed that he would stop Obama and cause his Waterloo I must agree that he has not been a good President.  I say this because he failed to realize that the enemy was sitting on the other side of the aisle.

In previous administrations the President has always faced opposition from the party not in power.  That is how our government is set up and must remain that way lest we deteriorate into a dictatorship.  And further since most dictatorships lean toward the evil with wealth and power for the few as the goal I believe we can agree this would not be desirable.

The difference today is that no matter what President Obama proposes the Republicans are against it. And it does not matter what the proposal is!  He has offered up Republican ideas only to be condemned by the right!

So the full answer to your question about Obama is simply, YES – He is not a good President.  But the full answer is The Republicans are fully FULLY to blame and should be thrown out on their ears as soon as possible!!!  His main failure was to believe that the Republicans actually cared about Americans and wanted to govern for the good of the people.


Give me a break!

The entire Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves for taking the bribes of the lobbyists to bastardize all that could be good in their quest to regain power and glory and more money.  (And don't think I've forgotten the wolves in sheep clothing like Lieberman!)

You may not believe it but the middle class suffers under the Republicans and always will.  We are further from the so-called upper class than ever and the gap widens every day.  The insurance companies and corporations know this and want to keep the rest of us in the dark. I cannot blame them for that is their job – making more money to the point of being obscene for themselves and their shareholders.  But I do blame our representatives in DC for allowing this obscenity to continue.

One man cannot make a difference in his lifetime.  It takes two to tango and it used to take only a majority in America to get things done.  I fear we have entered into a long period of stagnant government where the loud and obnoxious will rule and the rest of us will merely waste our time blogging about it!

When the founding fathers wrote about this nation being “of the people, by the people, and for the people” they did not have corporations in mind!  Unfortunately with the recent Supreme Court ruling that has been altered a bit and we now have to contend with contentious corporate CEOs as well as their boards who frankly do not give a rat’s ass about you or me.

I thought it was bad when the Republicans acceded power to the likes of Fox and their morons Limbaugh and Beck etc. but with corporations now being allowed to spend as much as they wish to turn the weak minded of this country into lemmings we are seriously in trouble.

Care for some tea?

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Cousin Bruce said...

After posting this I heard Jack Cafferty of CNN ask whether we should stop giving so much aid to Israel because of their provocative plan to build more homes in their country.
We should indeed get a little tougher, behind the scenes, with our one and only friend in the sea of scum that surrounds them. And we should immediately cut back on some of the money we are throwing away to the true scum of the Earth, the Arab countries who want us dead a t all costs! Why the Hell are we funding them? We are giving them billions in oil money, must we also give them aid? Are we not the most stupid bunch of idiots ever?
Israel was wrong, especially in their timing of that announcement but to cut off their aid while still funding the ragtime bunch of evil fanatics is unconscionable.