Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mother Knows Best

With apologies to Robert Young and his 1950 TV cast members mother does actually know best.
Mother Nature that is.

At times she is the strong silent type but when she is upset she can take it out on her children with a swiftness and fury unsurpassed by father.

Of course Father Time does come into the picture but only after his bride has changed the playing field.  And don't we often say that 'time heals all wounds?'  So daddy tends to soften the blows after a while.

But occasionally we forget who's in control and think we know better than mom.  She is forgiving for she realizes we are flawed.  We are given many chances to fix our mistakes and as long as they are not disastrous all will be well.

We are currently in a struggle with ourselves on the subject of 'Global Climate Change' nee Global Warming' (from here on to be called 'GW.')  Although scientists around the world know GW to be true a handful of politically motivated ostriches are trying to muddy the waters.

Pundits (aptly pronounced PUN-DITZ) point to studies based on shaky short-sighted studies such as snowstorms and unusually cold weather in the North East this past winter as proof that there is no GW.  The studies are generally funded and backed by organizations that would lose money if they had to stop polluting the Earth.

Mother Nature quietly sits in judgment of these sad sacks and silently sends soft signals that they are wrong.

For example, the coral reefs around the globe are disappearing due to higher water temperatures and increased pollution in the oceans.  Some are even postulating that the current increase in earthquake activity could be related to GW as well.

But another more visible signal has been taking place over a rather short period of time. By comparing photographs of glaciers around the globe we can see the diminution thereof.  What once was is no more.

Some politicians love to throw around numbers and statistics to phony up conclusions or rile up their base in an effort to gain support.  These half-truths become talking points such as the current one about health care being "one sixth of our economy!"  Well if they are so worried about one sixth of our economy then why not be worried about NINETY to NINETY FIVE PERCENT of the world's glaciers?

According to even skeptical scientists that is the number of glaciers succumbing to the increased heat of the planet, aka GW.

But even this is not enough for the leaders of our country to sit up and take notice.

We all know it's not nice to fool Mother Nature but it's also not wise.

So trust mom to come up with another subtle hint.  In her infinite wisdom she has settled a dispute between two Asian nations just as surely as any mother would and she did it in a King Solomon way.

When children fight over a toy if it cannot be cut in half then the toy is removed and no one gets to play with it.

India and Bangladesh have been fighting, literally over a tiny speck of land in the Bay of Bengal since the 1980s.  Each side claims the land as its own.

The island that once boasted only 1.5 square miles and was called New Moore Island by India or South Talpatti by the Bangladeshis has ceased to exist!  Mother Nature has reclaimed it.

You see those glaciers that are not melting due to the not increasing temperatures of the Earth may just have sent enough water into the oceans to cause a global rise in the sea level.
And thus New Moore is no more and South Talpatti has gone way south!

It is now father time's turn to heal the military tensions of the two combatant countries while the rest of us are left to ponder, What's Next?

Personally I hope it's not Long Island or Manhattan.
We've suffered enough.
Okay mom?
Pretty please?

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