Saturday, April 5, 2008

Protect Me Please (Rated R)

The current system of rating movies is arguably absurd but usually helpful in a sort of comparison way. We know that an "X" rated film is more sexually explicit than an "R" rated film. (Unfortunately that may actually increase its audience in some circles.)
But the MPAA may be going a bit too far now. A new film just out, "My Blueberry Nights" starring such terrible role models as Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Norah Jones is noted as PG13 with the following small print associated with the rating:
This movie may contain “Mature thematic material including violence, drinking and smoking.”
Whoa! Did you say they may be drinking and smoking???
No way!
Soon we will have to also include such phrases as, “Beware, this film includes oral breathing by mouth and lecherous stares possibly symbolizing untoward thoughts.”
I fear the day when they add up the so-called bad points in a sort of naughty tally and decide which films will be allowed to be shown in theaters at all.
This sytem may be called a Tally Ban.


Train Buddy said...

Actually I have a big problem with the way movies are rated these days. It 's quite uncomfortable as a parent to be watching a PG-13 movie that is full of raunchy sex scenes (coming as close as they can to nudity) with your
15-year old son. Sex is fine but not smoking. Someone truly needs to rethink how they rate movies.

mug guy said...

The main problem is that our society is run on a puritanical vein with the religious right gaining more and more control over our lives every day. But not every system is all bad so we could use some of their values in a more sensible rating system to encompass all offensive themes. The next problem will be deciding who gets to choose those themes. As it stands now the ratings are done behind closed doors by a group of anonymous and therefore arrogant people who wish to decide for the rest of us what we should be allowed to view. I agree that sex and nusity should be monitored but the ultimate decision as to what is or is not appropriate for us or our children must remain with the parent otherwise we are heading down a dangerous road.
But to even have a category that notes drinking and smoking? Who are they kidding? If our kids start to drink and smoke merely because a film showed someone else doing it then we better ban any movie that shows screaming, hate of any kind and of course death.

train buddy said...

Though I agree that it is the ultimate decision of the parent as to what a child can or cannot see, if you are unaware as to the extent of sex and nudity being shown how are you to monitor what they see? And it's not just movies anymore. How about prime time tv shows and commercials? Do we need to explain to our children what "KY Lubricants" are used for?

mug guy said...

Agreed. As for KY, it's a that comes from Kentucky!

mug guy said...

Poor English - sorry - It's a cream that comes from Kentucky!!!