Sunday, April 27, 2008

Headline News – And the Back Story - April '08

In our sound bite world most of us have neither the time nor the inclination to delve deeply into a subject. We have lost the desire to get all the facts. The news media people know that and feed us little more than the headlines to whet our appetites and get us to stay tuned through the commercials to hear the story. With that in mind here is an excerpt of the past few days’ worth of headlines and a tiny read into them. Should any of the stories strike you as newsworthy or of further inspection I truly hope you will do so and not let the media decide for you what is or is not important. The stories are listed by number for anyone to just get the headlines. The numbers then correspond to a fuller story at the end of the article.


1. Cops acquitted in Sean Bell case – Sharpton apalled.
2. NYS tax break on gas this summer – 32¢ off per gallon is a gift – Middle class saved.
3. Thruway tolls to rise after opposition complaints ignored. And their point?
4. Nassau attorney’s pension suspended. He was getting over $100,000 per year FOR NOTHING.
5. Home builder faces jail and tremendous fines for using illegal aliens as carpenters and paying them off the books. What an evil-doer!
6. Drill on Long Island prepares us for dirty bomb attack. We are finally safe from Osama.
7. Two publishing world giants are fighting to takeover Newsday, one of the largest regional newspapers in the country. Who will win?

If you believe in the media and think they are on your side then please stop here. If you realize that they don't give a damn about you and only wish to continue their hold on your soon to be mush brains then read on!


1. The 3 NYC policemen who were on trial for using excessive force in a supposed unwarranted manner by firing 50 bullets at Sean Bell and his bachelor party friends were acquitted this week when the judge claimed that the prosecution could not prove the case. The witnesses were inconsistent and their stories did not even match each other. In the end the policemen, who were racially mixed were set free. They expressed their emotions and proclaimed their sorrow at the outcome of the event that caused the trial. Although they were not all White supposed part-time reverend and full time activist Al Sharpton who is constantly looking for a cause to promote himself nearly had an orgasm when he heard the verdict. Did I say he was apalled? No way! This scumbag jumped all over the story and put himself in the spotlight once again. To continue and repeat what this asshole said is both useless and idiotic so I won’t. If you really need to know the moron’s message ‘google’ the idiot.

2. The money will be stolen elsewhere. Let’s face it this is the height of sleight of hand routines that our government, both local and national performs on a daily basis. They decided long ago that they want to make more money every second of their public life and what better way to do so than to steal it a little at a time from every tax payer in their jurisdiction? If you take a measly $1 from every many woman and child in a state of eight million people you don’t really hurt them individually but you get eight million dollars. The problem is there are currently a thousand or so such governmental thieves with their hands in our pockets and suddenly we are all going broke! New York State has a budget and they will get the money they say they need from us whether or not it comes in the form of a gas tax or an increased property tax or a raise on the frimmel tax (I made that one up but wait…)

3. And as if on cue, the NYS Thruway has decided to raise the tolls. Naturally they had to allow the opposition to argue against it and naturally they did not listen. Unfortunately once the increase is in place they will be starting from that new base as a floor from which to raise it further when they need vacation money. (Vacation from what???)

4. But why would you suspend someone’s pension? Surely it is not fair to take away hard earned money after a promise to allow him retirement money. The problem is he was never an employee, just an independent contractor who had no right to be on a pension in the first place! Albert D’Agostino had collected almost eight hundred thousand of our public dollars in a fraudulently devised scheme of friendly deflect and grab since ‘retiring’ October 2000. He was also getting healthcare benefits, something you and I pay through the nose to get for free. That was another eighty three thousand stolen dollars. Think this is an isolated case? If you do you are the government’s best friend and deserving of pity. Think not? Then delve and complain.

5. This simple straight forward story deserves a closer look. The man is not an angel but he did break a written and an unwritten law by not giving the government a cut on his profits. Don’t think so? He tried for 3 years to get his workers ‘green cards’ so that they would be legal. Perhaps he didn’t try hard enough? He spent seventy thousand dollars trying to do so! Without sounding like a cliché broken record the aliens were doing work that others, presumable Americans did not wish to do. And he faces charges not for hiring the workers but for NOT PAYING THE TAXES/KICK BACK TO THE GOVERNMENT. He will be going to jail for non-payment of taxes on the illegal aliens, not the hiring thereof. Translation, if he had paid the small minded greed mongering officials a cut they would have continued to look the other way.

6. Get the duct tape and be ready to duck under your desks! In a continuation of the colored terror attack scenario we have to be constantly reminded about the ever present danger of attack. We also have to be reminded that our elected officials are not as useless as we all finally realize they are. The same group that brought you the open door policies of our borders and the near strip search ridiculous screening at the airports are trying to put you at ease by reminding you that you are constantly under threat of a terrorist strike. It is the same mentality that has police walking around the train stations with drug sniffing dogs asking random travelers to open their backpacks. If anyone really thinks this will protect us from attack please contact me about my land off the coast of Florida and a bridge I own in Arizona.

7. Sleaze king Mort Zuckerman who currently owns and operates the incredibly low class rag known as the NY Post which is only good for its sports coverage and Scumbag Rupert Murdoch, the right-wing megalomaniac who currently owns everything else, or so it seems are in a bidding war over the paper. Murdoch needs to have every word printed or heard on this Earth come through his disgusting mouth or mind. His Fox Network currently sports as its favorite son the unbelievably idiotic moron Bill O’Reilly as one of its headliners. I could run down a list of the other contributors to his so-called news network but you would need an air-sickness bag to read it with names such as Hannity & Colmes and the obnoxious, brainless, and pompous Brit Hume. This is truly a battle with us the public as the loser. I pine for the good old days when our government gave a shit about our welfare and would never allow monopolies such as the one Murdoch has amassed to exist. There used to be laws against the ownership by one man or company of too many different public information media sources but alas Murdoch IS the government, or at least he bought them.
And in case anyone out there is interested I will be canceling my subscription to the newspaper if either of the two bastards win.


Anonymous said...

Dearest mugguy.
As to the issue of hiring illegals to work in the trades, this demonstrates a two sided problem. As we know, "legals" either don't want to do these essential jobs or don't put in the effort to do them as well as the "illegals". These "illegals" accept the work ethic of the "american dream" that we grew up with. However, there is another side of the coin. When they live and work in the "limbo" that they have been placed, they consume essential services that must be paid for. In my field, they are presenting for emergent healthcare services to the extent that "no-pay" classification is growing by double digits.
Therefore, it is not just the money grubbing politicians that must be paid for this income and these lives, but health care systems like ours, which are in the private sector, must absorb this burden.
As college star athletes should be paid, high productivity revenue and income must contribute to essential services as well

Reschzoo said...

As you said in your learned reply it is indeed a double-edged sword. Actually there are even more edges to work into the equation. But before you get too edgy let me say that unfortunately there are no easy fixes unless we wish go back to the days of isolationism and that ship has sailed forever (essentially to China.)
As for your wonderful industry (Nothing personal, mind you)perhaps big Pharma could use some of the money in their meager warchests to work with Congress to come up with a solution or even some legitimate suggestions as to how we could fix this growing problem. Maybe they could spend $1 billion less trying to get everyone to use Viagra, Rogaine, and the several cures to the made up quasi-diseases such as RLS to help Congress out of their doldrums.
The actual proble is that average American citizens, such as you and me have no lobby.

Anonymous said...

Im not talking about medication. When one of these guys falls off a ladder and comes to the ER, the healthcare system has to provide complete diagnostic and treatment and confinement for this person. In addition, if the otthopedist does not come within one hour (even at 3AM) if he is on call, he is guilty of a crime. He has to do a initial consult, stabilize the patient, operate on the patient, and provide free post op aftercare. Multiply this by 5 specialists on the case. The hospital can't discharge the patient until it has assured of comptent post hospital care at whatever level the patient requires up to and including rehab, nursing home and home care. The cost of this must be absorbed Big business has no responsibility there, only us poor licensed personnel

Reschzoo said...

Another one of those edges of which I spoke. First of all if the man visiting the emergency room is not even legal I am not sure we have to care for him. After all how can he sue us when his accident was 'fruit of the forbidden tree' if I may borrow a legal phrase. And besides the man who hired him should be responsible for all the medical bills, not you poor licensed personnel types.
Write your congressman.