Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Crime is a Crime

Another crime was narrowly diverted yesterday at the Islip courthouse. The culprits were not jailed but did receive well deserved fines and were escorted from the premises by police officers who threatened further action if the two did not cooperate. As it turns out the common criminals did do as they were told and the crowd of protesters who lined the streets were mostly on their side as they were led out of the courthouse and off the premises.
The policemen were only doing their jobs and should be commended for doing so without any violent aftermath. The criminals will most likely try their crime again and one can only hope that the officers will be up to the task whenever that takes place in the future. Society must be kept safe from such a dastardly crime as was contemplated by these evil men.
Oh, I forgot to mention their crime. They were sitting in the courthouse attempting to get a marriage license. You see the dangerous criminals are two quiet unassuming gay men who only wish to live together as any other couple in love would do.
PS – By current estimates, while the police were escorting these men out of the Islip courthouse at least a dozen robberies, four or five aggravated assaults and twenty or so vehicular moving violations were taking place elsewhere. But our society surely has its priorities set, right?

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