Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oil for Breakfast?

Like the title? Sounds appetizing, doesn't it? Well this idea comes by way of an old friend.
What if I told you that we can temporarily cure our energy problems and lower our cost for gasoline at the same time? No I am not suggesting that we lynch Dick Cheney and make him give back the billions he and his cronies have stolen by way of a strategic war for personal gain. Although...
No, before we do that and a few other ideas I have about retribution (Condi; Karl; Georgie how about this?
We Americans have been paying more for EVERYTHING but the only ones making more money are the already rich. Costs have risen so high as to be ridiculous. Bagels are becoming out of reach, not to mention the cream cheese and milk that goes with your breakfast. And speaking of breakfast have you noticed the price of cereals lately? Anything with wheat in it is through the roof.
Wanna know why? Huh, do ya?
Well our geniuses in DC have a great idea about how to make personal money and keep their friends in the turbans and bathrobes happy. Free trade and I mean free. We or rather they are subsidizing the sales of wheat to our Arab oppressors. By allowing big business to sell our precious commodities, and we have so few left, overseas without regard to our well being the so-called free trade policy is costing us money and global standing as well as jobs.
The Arab countries do not produce wheat. But we allow them to purchase ours at a fair price. But not quite the same fair price they allow us to purchase oil, right?
If our leaders (leaders? that’s a joke!) would just get their heads out of their collective assholes they would stop this travesty immediately.
Starting tomorrow the price for our grain is hereby linked to the price of a barrel of oil. The scum of the Earth Saudis and their Arab brethren (and I again include Cheney) wish to charge $120 for a barrel of oil? (It hit that price yesterday.)
Fine, we charge them $120 for a bushel of wheat, and that ain’t hey.
But first we finally take care of our own, something our government has not done since Diebold and the Supreme Court stole that first election back in 2000. Hold on to enough grain to feed Americans and allow the EXCESS to be sold overseas at oil-like prices.
And stop with the Ethanol experiment. It does not make sense to use food, which is becoming all too scarce these days to try and find a way to continue to make our combustion engines spew pollution into the atmosphere! For once and for all tell the automobile companies that they either open up their vaults to all those ideas they have been buying up to hide from us or we put them out of business and maybe even throw the CEOs in jail. (See “Who Killed the Electric Car” to understand fully the meaning of big business and greed. Here is a small example of the film -
We have to come up with a way to stop our tremendous dependence on not just foreign oil but all oil. And we cannot afford to wait for Exxon to come up with a way to do so that keeps their pockets full.
In other words let’s stop allowing the bastards to pull the wool over our eyes and start demanding results. Our incredibly intelligent scientists must figure out how to use Solar Energy; Wind Power; Tidal Power; Plug-in hybrids and Fuel Cell technology soon or breakfast prices will be our least worry.
And even if we do wean ourselves off oil I say we continue to charge the Arabs $120 per bushel of wheat and index it by 10% every year. Who knows, in twenty years we might actually be able to buy back our country from China.

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