Thursday, September 29, 2011

Service Denied - Drop Dead!

I was recently charged a $100 "Co-Pay" for a doctor visit because my new insurance is through the latest group of fraudulent sub-humans to make billions off the pain and suffering of others - Emblem!  (My quoted "Co-Pay" is $50 per visit but the tiny print states that they are allowed to charge me up to FOUR "Co-Pays" per doctor visit so as to pay less themselves.)
When I complained to the customer service people who work for Emblem, AKA leeches, I was informed that without my insurance I would have paid the doctor $1,370!
In other words I should blame the doctor and be thrilled I have Emblem!
Aside from the fact that it was quite unethical for the moron at Emblem to state that it was the doctor's fault that my bill was so high the care I received should have been nowhere near that cost.
When we Americans receive what is quaintly known as an EOB - explanation of benefits - from our insurance companies we should scrutinize the thing.
Doctors request far more than they expect to get since they know insurance companies will pay pennies on the dollar!  After all if they were to pay a fair amount they would not be able to make billions in profits every year and pay the board members such high bonuses FOR DOING NOTHING!
It is time to start a movement toward ridding the world of these despicable leeches who get their sick satisfaction and billions of dollars by denying sick people health care in order to line their own pockets.
Doctors and their labs must be enlisted in the movement as well so as to make the death of the unneeded middle men a reality.
If every one if us were to contact our physicians and ask them to make a deal I am certain we would all be better off.
Here's how it would work:
When we see a doctor he charges the insurance company, let's say $1,000 knowing full well that he contracted with them to only take $250 in payment for his services.
If we the people were to tell the doctor that we won't use insurance and offer $300 instead he or she would probably jump at the idea.  Of course it might take a little more explanation than I am putting forward here but you must get the idea.
The up-side of this for the medical practice would would be decreased staff time (and unfortunately number of staff members) to track and submit detailed records to the insurance company who will only reject the first draft anyway and cause the doctor to resubmit over and over again and wait months to get paid.
But if we the people make a deal with the Dr. and state that we would pay him the full amount on the spot he would be a fool not to accept!
Similar deals could be made with labs or through the doctor's practice and we the people would pay the doctor's office directly.
Yes we would be paying more than the current "Co-Pay" but think of the yearly savings on the health insurance bills to the insurance company and not ever having to hear them say, "not covered."
My yearly health costs once exceeded $21,000 and I am certainly not the highest paying idiot in the country.
Perhaps I have been lucky but even though I have had several surgeries these past few years I would have thousands of dollars more in my bank account had I made deals with the doctors rather than fork over money to insurance bastards, and that includes hospitalization!
An if you are afraid of being hit with unmanageable hospital bills in case you are laid up for an extended period of time you may assuage your fears by taking out far less costly disaster insurance.  These usually come with high deductibles but cost far less in premiums than the leeches like Emblem & Cigna & Blue Cross & Guardian etc. charge.
And many dead people would be alive today if they did not beg some heartless piece of slime bean counter to approve a lifesaving medical procedure only to hear those awful words, not covered.
"Sorry sir but you will now have to die because our CEO has a party planned on the Isle of Crete and cannot afford to pay for your surgery.  You should have taken out life insurance!  How could you be so heartless?  Your family will hate you for eternity!"
How long before the bastards at the life insurance companies start denying claims on dead ones by saying they died needlessly and would have been alive if they had better health care insurance?
In other words they will call every death due to their brethren's denial of service, suicide!  They may even split the profits.
I am certain if I told my doctor I would pay him 10% more than an insurance company would allow for services rendered he would consider accepting!  I am also certain if all of us did so the doctors would be fools not to accept.
I am also certain if the Republicans would stop their stonewalling and start acting human we in America could have had a public option for health care which would essentially kill the incredibly profitable FOR PROFIT insurance industry!
Doctors may not be saints but at least most of them are human!
The same cannot be said about ANY insurance company or corporation - No matter what morons like Willard Mitt Romney say!

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