Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Do No, WHAT???

When Senator Ron Paul hinted that he and many if not all of his followers and supporters would do nothing to help a dying human who had no health insurance he elicited a favorable response from many in his camp.
He also elicited a hailstorm of anger from the left and released a huge number of comedic extrapolations; not the least of which came from the fertile minds at SNL where a Ron Paul-like candidate confirmed that he would not stop to save a bunch of cute crying puppies from a burning building.
“Hell no I wouldn’t. Government should not get involved in that type of thing.”
So Ron Paul, who is not only a Senator but a doctor as well has chosen to rewrite the title of one of his oaths changing the “a” to an “i” on the caduceus.
I would like to say that Mr. Paul had some correct thoughts. But as an 'uber' Libertarian he loses sight that he is also, or perhaps was once, a human being.
I understand the feeling of anger at anyone who games the system for personal gain and then calls ON the system for aid if he fails.
Hell we are still going through an economic disaster brought about by just that type of individual!  (Actually individuals and corporations etc. but that's for a different rant.)
However when an individual chooses to forgo health insurance he or she may be doing so for reasons other than personal gain.
It's not my job!
What Mr. Paul should have said was, “We should help the person and find out what the problem is and try to get that person back on track, and we should do so to the best of our abilities. But if we find out that the person chose not to pay for insurance so as to save money while being able to afford it then the entire bill must be paid and the person be held responsible for its payment.”
He could have further clarified by saying that if the man could not afford insurance because he was laid off from his job or went through some other catastrophic event we would work it out later, perhaps even with community service for the greater good.
But Mr. Paul chose not to go that route choosing his hard line "me and only me" mantra.
One wonders why a person such as Mr. Paul even wants to be in government since he obviously hates it so and wants it shrunk to the point of non-existence.  I guess he's a masochist of sorts.
I hereby state that from now the Senator's supporters must be renamed PAUL BEARERS!
The bottom line is that of all people a doctor should not be leaving a dying man on the side of the road to first go check out his financial statement. Or at least he should not be saying it!
That’s, ‘first do no harm,’ Senator not first checkout his bank account and motives!

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