Sunday, September 18, 2011

If - Updated Version

If you can trust yourself to never say what you are thinking
Yet assume your audience hears what you want them to hear
If from the truth your very soul is shrinking
Yet from your lips glib lies flow clear

If you can hear truths men are saying of you
And still call them lies though you know they are not
Yet not hate the truth sayers for telling what is true
But smile and call their words a dangerous plot

If you can dream of personal gain
And never let on that’s what you crave
Injecting your own agenda into every refrain
With fingers crossed while at crowds you wave

If you can make a heap of magazines you never read
Yet say you know all from among their stories
And in your heart from their morals be freed
Yet claim the tales as your own past glories

If you can spin a tale of woe
Casting fear and doubt across the land
And with straight face calmly show
Twas by some enemy planned
Then make it seem as only you
With your personal hotline to the lord above
Beyond the danger get us safely through
And deliver coveted peace and love

If you can answer questions without ever speaking
Whilst all around are begging just to see if you can
And from your malodorous lies your soul is reeking
Then yours is hypocrisy and you sir are a Republican!

If anyone who loves Rudyard Kipling is offended by the above I apologize and ask that you consider getting a life :-)

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