Friday, September 30, 2011

Poem - Despair in the Air

It's really such a simple thing
It says that I can never win
When trying not to lose is all I do
No matter what I say or bring
To the table be it fat or thin
I just can’t get ahead; I am so blue

If only we could catch a break
And win just half, give or take
I know the sun would finally shine on me
And so I ask for goodness sake
To not just eat but have my cake
And from this deep depression be set free!

My son is such a great young man
And those who know him are a fan
Of his kindness and incredible keen wit
But no one calls him back to say
We’d like to hire you today
It’s only time before this boy will quit

America was once the land
Of wondrous dreams and futures planned
But now there’s been a pall cast over all
Our leaders only seek a bribe
The unemployed despair; imbibe
This once great country’s heading for a fall

Can things be changed?
And rearranged
The nation’s road is facing quite a fork
No time for stealth
A tax on wealth
Action’s what we need no time for talk.

Republicans always plan a way
For friends of theirs to steal the day
And keep the poor way down; it’s melodrama
But humans we must now unite
Don’t give up now continue the fight
And stay the course & reelect Obama!

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