Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fair Marriage

The recent decision by the Obama administration on how to defend attacks on the ridiculous 'defense of marriage act' has brought out far more than 12 angry men, and women.  He stated that he will ask the Justice Department to not rigourously defend the law should it reach the upper levels of our court system.
Naturally we expect many people to have comments on every subject and this one brought out much anger.  One letter to the editor asked us to think how we would feel if President Bush had chosen which laws to follow and which ones to break.  That one caused me to shake my head and create this rant, one that should not be necessary in America in the year 2011!
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"There will always be at least two sides to every story and this one is certainly no exception. But each side must adhere to the facts or their arguments will fail.

President Obama is not choosing which laws he will uphold but rather expediently deciding which ones his administration will not vigorously defend due to their inherent unconstitutionality. Naturally this non-defense policy will only kick in should the conflict reach the Supreme Court! Until then any laws of the land will be followed by this President.
As for one writer's claim about President Bush and our reaction if he had chosen to ignore laws, IS HE KIDDING? Did the writer live in a cave for the 8 years under the rogue Presidency of Mr. Bush and his operatives?  Please go back and look into Patriot Act and dig a little deeper than the misleading title.
Gay men and women who live in America and follow the rules and laws that govern our country have been singled out for ridicule and discriminated against their entire lives! They pay taxes and contribute to our economy in precisely the same way as the so-called straight community. It is time to be straight with them and stop this ridiculous demonization.
Gay bashers should stop and remember the (slightly altered) famous line from Hamlet, "Me thinks they doth protest too much." Then they should look within themselves for reasons why.
Gay marriage does not affect my marriage in any way shape or form!  In fact allowing that segment of our citizenry the same pain and pleasure the rest of us experience might prove to be a double edged sword for them but it is the only way to go in a truly free and democratic society."
As for the country in general and the adherence to the laws of the land I would like the people who are against 'gay marriage' because it is the current law of the land to answer the following question:
See if you can remember Dr. George Tiller, the man who was shot to death IN HIS CHURCH.
Get back to me on that one before you hop up on your 'holier than thou' soapbox with your concealed multi-capacity assault weapons and your praise for the murder of innocent law abiding citizens.

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