Friday, March 11, 2011


The world is watching the terrible devastation in Japan caused by the massive earthquake and for now wondering where the tsunami will hit and how bad it will be.
But for the land of the rising sun the the rising tide added it's own level of destruction as homes, boats and people were swept away without warning.
This is yet another example of how powerful nature is and how helpless we are in the face of such an intense natural disaster.
In some small way the people of Japan are prepared for the worst.  They are aware of the possibility of quakes and tsunamis and have prepared to the best of their abilities escape routes.  They also built structures able to withstand most average earthquakes.  Unfortunately this was not an average one measuring just under 9!
But what about other disasters that we can prepare for?
Mother Nature is not going to wait for us to get our acts together before testing our preparedness.
Are we ready for the continuing increase
in the intensity of storms?
Are we just going to sit back and close our eyes to the warming trend of the Earth without so much as a plan of attack?
The storms we have experienced over the last couple of years and should start to see on a regular basis must be a wake up call.
We cannot predict earthquakes, yet but we are able to warn people about an impending tsunami, at least some of the time.
We can almost predict volcanic eruptions but not all the time.
The reason we have gotten better at those predictions is due to advances in science.
We must continue to listen to science and the scientists who have no agenda, no axe to grind and no ulterior motive other than moving society forward and helping us and our children live better lives!
Scientists have been warning about global climate change for years and it is high time we listen!  Stop the idiotic political posturing funded by special interest groups who care only about their bottom line and start worrying about the human factor!
If we choose to continue to ignore the writing on the wall that wall will fall faster than the famed wall of Jericho.

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Anonymous said...

The problem is not that our elected officials are sleeping but that they are wide awake! Not one of them is a dummy but they play one on TV.
Nothing will be done unless they are told to do so by their owners.
What about the idea of using solar panels on all of our highways? That is a fantastic idea that will never come to fruition unless Exxon can be given the profit and some of the billions trickle down to the Senate.
Keep on exposing them and hopefully by the turn of next century we will be okay - if we last that long.