Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well Recuuuuuuuse Me!

Steve Martin has nothing on Clarence Thomas but a form of the great comedian’s shtick should be used by the hypocritical Supreme Court Judge far more than anyone realizes.
When Mr. Martin wanted to get a laugh from an audience, as if he had to try, he would feign ignorance at a silly thing he had said or done and revert to his stand up clarion call of “well excuuuuuuse me!”
Justice Thomas, either by way of his past life as a defense attorney for big business or his current bed sharing duties with Ginny the anti anything Obama crusader should break the Guinness record for recusals. Unfortunately this man refuses to do so and continues his assault on the American middle class in favor of a country run exclusively for corporations.
One particularly annoying and unbelievably troubling case involves Monsanto and genetically engineered alfalfa.
Now when you mention Alfalfa to most of my generation visions of Spanky and Darla (OMG I loved her) come to mind. But instead of being a member of ‘Our Gang’ the grain of which we now speak grows in fields across this great land.
The original case in a nutshell (sorry about that) revolves around a genetically altered seed meant to keep bad creatures away from grains and allow that grain to grow strong and plentiful.
There is nothing wrong with that and so far the story seems milquetoast but wait, it get’s much better.
You see Monsanto charged anyone who used their altered product, rightly so, but they went a step further. The company not only insisted on payment for the first use but continued to charge the farmer using the seed every year hence even though it propagated itself without any help from mama Monsanto.
The thing is when a farmer put down the Monsanto product birds that were not under contract with the conglomerate were free to pick the seeds up and deposit them on lands owned by non Monsanto customers.
Big business boys don’t like that sort of 'spreading the wealth' without getting at least the lion’s share of things so they sued the farmers upon whose land the birds dropped the seeds.  One assumes they did not subpoena the birds as co-conspirators but...
The farmers claimed total and truthful ignorance as they did not intend to use the product and therefore should not be held liable or responsible for any moneys owed the big bad business boys of Monsanto.
The case was hotly contested and Monsanto’s lawyers were able to get a favorable ruling.  Unbelievably the farmers were directed to give up much of their profits to poor poor Monsanto.
And once again America is safe for large multi national impersonal greedy corporations. (Cue the music, "Oh beautiful, for spacious skies...)
The attorney fighting for the rights of that company was, you guessed it, none other than the soon to be known as Long Dong himself – Clarence Thomas!
Fast forward to the present and a case about to be heard by the current Supreme Court of the United States involves a ban on the same genetically altered and modified alfalfa seed.
And just who is it who has not felt the need to recuse himself from hearing the case?  Ginni’s bed buddy Clarence. Anita Hill would be so proud of old Long Dongle!
And speaking of bed buddies one wonders what kind of pillow talk goes on when those two get under the covers.  After all Virginia Thomas is a staunch Tea Party activist hell bent on destroying anything that gets in the way of human rights such as health care.
If there is a slight odor of partiality on the Supreme Court justices never hesitate to beg off the case. Everyone understands that for the most part, where there’s smoke…
So why does this man not excuse himself from hearing and judging the case?
It would appear to be an obvious question with an even more obvious answer.  He still wants to help his old company Monsanto in any and every fight against the little guy.
Alfalfa was made famous by Hal Roach when he created Our Gang and the Little Rascals, a group of lovable kids trying to survive in a grown up world.
Cockroach Clarence Thomas is also becoming famous by being a part of a different gang of rascals hell bent on destroying the little guy and returning the world to corporations.
Of course this is just my opinion but if I am proven wrong, well, excuuuuuuse me!

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