Sunday, February 20, 2011

The 2% Solution

Here’s a quick thought:
The wealthiest people in America who appear to be able to pull the strings of many others and have them dance to a strange tune seem to get their way every day.
And the end result is while they get richer the dancers fall further behind.  And the gap between the average citizen and the wealthy widens daily!
But here is the simple solution we have all missed!
And I already have the backing of at least 2% of the country.
America’s population is around 311 million as of the recent census.
Therefore that 2% group would comprise a group of 6.2 million people.
Obviously they do not wish to pay taxes and for the last 10 years have been able to prove that point.  But our deficit is growing and could become a nightmare for the country if nothing is done.
So if each and every one of the other 98% of citizens in the country would pay $1 per month – every month into a “Beat the Deficit” fund that fund would have $3.66 billion by the end of the year.
But in order to really defeat the deficit we the middle class and poor would have to pay a bit more into the BTD Fund.  Perhaps we could all fork over $10 per month, or make that $100 per month.  The BTD Fund would then be a bloated $366 Billion by years end!
This sacrifice would help our debt head in the right direction.
We must do this in order to ensure that the top 2% wealthiest people in the country are not hit with any taxes at all!
You see they have promised to start hiring again if we can just remove all the terrible uncertainty in the country.
That uncertainty hovers around the question of whether or not the wealthiest 2% will have to pay a penny of their money to help the country out of the awful situation that their actions caused in the first place!
Once we ensure that they can keep every cent of every dollar they either earn or steal then and only then will they feel certain enough about their future to start thinking about hiring people to work.
And the BTD Fund will be our ticket to future prosperity for at least 2% of us!
Now I don’t wish to turn the BTD into a Beat to Death item but there is still one problem.
I overlooked one other small item of interest to those who are living with these ‘uncertainty caused stresses’ and that is health care costs.
If we could just remove the cost of health care from the equation and not make any of those nervous prospective employers have to chip in to keep their new hires healthy we could sew up the deal and really get this country moving once again!
So let’s all pull together America!
Dig deep into your pockets for freedom!!
Let’s make this country great again!!!
Remove all the uncertainty from the minds of our overlords and exempt them from our tax rolls like we’ve already done for large corporations such as Exxon and GE!!!!!
Beg the Supreme Court to continue ruling in favor of the poor set upon wealthy multi-national corporations and their board members.
Then and only then can we all get back to work and have a bright future, as long as we can do it in the dark since we may not be able to afford light bulbs.

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