Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Be Cash Cows - Milk Us!

Over the past few days Long Island’s own newspaper Newsday has reported on a tremendous number of people who have taken unfair advantage of the system and basically stolen money from the public.
The fact that they have found and used loopholes in the law is not as much a surprise as who they are and how they are justifying their acts.
They are either responding with the typical ‘no comment’ or implying that they have done nothing wrong since it is after all every man for himself in America these days.
But no justification for the kind of immoral actions can be good enough at a time when so many of us are hurting.
I applaud Newsday in their efforts to bring these characters’ shady practices into the light of day.
I have turned blue over police officers earning more in yearly pensions than they ever did in their salaries as a result of absurd overtime allowances.
I then growled when I found out about political patronage paybacks resulting in obscene salaries at the Hempstead animal shelter.
The latest in the series reports that Stephen Behar took joy in becoming the highest paid judge on Long Island.
So what, someone has to be the highest earner, right?
How much is enough?
Judge for yourself!
Perhaps, but should that person gain that lofty position because he retired?
With a pension from his former public position plus the salary from a new job this person is making $187K per year which is more than the highest ranking and currently working N Y State judge.
In the same paper there is talk about upgrading septic systems in order to head off the danger of cesspools seeping into the ground water and polluting the ground.
In other words Long Island is full of disgusting cesspools both physical and figurative.
I am not sure which one is more dangerous but both must be dealt with!
When we wonder why we cannot balance our budget or why Long Islanders pay the highest taxes while receiving less and less in the way of services we really don’t have to look much farther than immoral greedy supposedly ‘public servants’ such as these.
And it should come as no surprise to any intelligent human being that nearly every one of the people involved in scamming public funds are or have been elected to Republican Party posts.
In a related story the Federal Government is telling us to cut back on salt and get more exercise as a way to live a longer healthier life.
That is good advice that we should all heed and I appreciate their concern for our well being.
Now I have some advice in return; you cut back on your greedy partisan patronage ways and start performing the jobs for which you were elected or get the hell out of office and 
We milked Elsie for years
Now politicians are
returning the favor
allow someone with proper skills and competency to do so.
With our leaders raiding our wallets at every turn in order to fill the pockets of their already obscenely wealthy benefactors it appears the only reason they want us to remain healthy is to keep the stream of funds flowing much as a cattle rancher cares for his herd.

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