Friday, February 11, 2011

Allah’s in Wonder Land (Egypt)

Twas brillig and the slimy king
Did bribe and steal all and did bring
Upon his people much despair
And lo they cried; pulled out much hair

Beware the mobs and gobs of hate
            And always know it’s not too late
To face the dragon and he slay
            So all your children once more can play

In lands the Pharaohs once called home
            And nomads once did freely roam
Rebuild the past and show the world
            Your bright new flag in peace unfurled

Twas brillig but the slimy king
            Is gone and all the land shall sing
The Jabberwock is gone this day!
            Oh frabjous time, Callooh Callay!

Welcome and embrace your freedom Egypt!
And never lose sight of the ultimate goal of a representative government.
But until that time do not allow another dictator back in power to bring you down!

Thanks to Lewis Carroll for not leaping back from wherever he is to yell at me for this!

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