Sunday, February 6, 2011

No Shock Just Awe


Rather than being shocked we should all be in awe of how the Republicans and their fringe factions have continued to usurp power and hand money over to the wealthiest individuals and corporations of the world.
The money grab and wealth divide, AKA trickle down economics of the Reagan era has become so firmly entrenched in the country as to be unstoppable.  After all how can it be reversed when the very
Dead time for Bonzo!
When will we finally fix all
the wrong this bozo did to us?
people who could effect the change are the ones benefitting from the system?
In the opening piece of the Broadway play ‘1776’ John Adams bemoans the fact that all Congress does is, “Piddle twiddle and resolve, not one damn thing do they solve…”
That was written as fiction but should be considered prescient in light of what we have lived through over the past few decades.
 The wealth gap between the top 2% and the rest of humanity is awe inspiring.  It has never been anywhere near as large as it is now and there are no signs of reversal.  In fact if anything it will continue to grow as new rulings such as
9 Justices - not counting Ginni
the Supreme Court’s so called ‘Citizen’s United’ gift allows corporations to basically choose our leaders for us!
An old adage says that if you can’t beat them, join them but the truth is they don’t want us! If we were to become wealthy or even start on that path it would mean that they were less elite and they cannot have that.
Groucho Marx stated that he would never join a club that would have him as a member.  Well the club comprised of the aforementioned 2% is making no such offer and never will.
But what they will say through their proxies, also known as Congressmen and women and also known as puppets is that they need more tax breaks and fewer regulations in order to create more jobs.
This would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic.  And if the scenario were presented to a Hollywood producer he would throw it out as absurd.
But it is not absurd.
It is life as we know it and life as our children will know it.
The 2% are nearly akin to Morlocks and we to the Eloi.  They throw us a bone every now and then but keep the meat for themselves.
And if we complain we are quietly blacklisted as unemployable and called names such as Socialist or Liberal as though they were insults.
But to them, our rulers those words and beliefs are worse than insults, they’re fighting words and a call to arms.  The 2% rally themselves together and sprinkle a few dollars around on Fox networks and in print publications such as their own Wall St. Journal.  Supporters such as the Koch brother who are each worth over $20 billion rally the troops on various web sites and conventions.  They stoke the fires against the dangerous masses that have the nerve to want to earn decent salaries and have affordable healthcare!
The nerve of these little people!
The machine that is the Republican Party is an admirable one.  As I said earlier I am in awe of their resolve and steadfast planning.
But searching the annals of history we find that as with most powerful groups such as this Party of the 2% society would have been so much better off had they used their strength for the good of the people.
Should we expect them to change?
Now that would be shocking.

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