Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's Important NOW?

On "Meet the Press" today, a show that used to be an important source of news and information and now is merely another opportunity for pundits to ply their trade, the panel was talking about the current tense situation in Egypt.
Chuck Todd noted that the President's State of the Union address was just a mere five days ago and look how much has changed in the world.  President Obama did not even mention Egypt in the speech nor, perhaps should he have.  After all while we realize how important the country is to the continued peace in the region nothing tremendous was going on at the moment.
Then the moment changed and all hell broke lose.
Suddenly the possibility that an Iran type scenario could come to pass in the land of the pharaohs and peaceful partner of Israel.  Egypt has been able to keep many weapons out of the Gaza Strip and has been a strong ally in our attempt to thwart the further spread of terror.
What will happen in the future let alone the next few days is still anybody's guess but one thing is certain, Egypt will soon be a 'post Mubarak' nation.
Many times in the past and once just this month I used the word 'juxtapose.'  The word conjures up a strange bedfellow of sorts between two generally opposing views occupying the same space.
A perfect example of this occurred moments after David Gregory, moderator of 'Meet the Press' changed the subject from the important news coming out of Egypt to the topic of who will be challenging President Obama from the Republican Party TWENTY TWO MONTHS FROM NOW!
Obviously that is an important issue and one we definitely should all be thinking about in say a year or so.  But for now we might wish to discuss whether or not there will be a war in the Middle East or other pressing issues.
Unfortunately the media must continue to push uncertainty at every turn and what's better than future Presidential campaigns that will always be somewhere out there?
Whether or not Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee or even Sarah Palin and her lesser brained (if that's possible) cohort Michelle, slavery ended with our Founding Fathers Bachmann becomes the candidate for President in a year should not be the talk of the town at this point in time.
Can we get a break from the constant soap opera that has become the in-fighting among the Republican Party as they each jockey and position themselves for a run at the top office rather than do their jobs?
After the McCain/Palin crash and burn campaign of 2008 I said to anyone who would listen that Ms. Palin should disappear for a year and hit the books.  She should learn more about world history and become an expert in foreign relations and then burst back onto the political stage as a force in her Party.  Instead she chose to become a farce, albeit a wealthy one as well as a constant reminder of the old "United Negro College Fund" slogan.
But I digress.
This post is about current events and therefore should focus on our currently high unemployment rate in America.
We should focus on:
The economy;
Out of control military spending;
Corporate control of Congress;
True Health Care for all Americans;
And so many more urgent problems that need to be addressed NOW!
And when it comes to the next television or cable news program that purports to be about urgent current events do not devolve into a discussion about an election 22 months away!!
We have bigger fish to fry as the saying goes and miles to go before we sleep, miles to go before we sleep.


Anonymous said...

Right! Nothing more to add!
People like you must keep pointing out things lest we get too complacent and allow things to continue down this path to stupidity.
Frankly it matters not who the Party of No puts forth in '012 - he or she will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate world and have the full backing of the activist Supreme Court of the US.
Pray for us!

Cousin Bruce said...

Sadly I am not that religious so I just hope we can stop the wealthiest 1 to 2% in the country from PREYING ON US!
Thanks for the comment.
Hey anonymous people out there - I don't bite! Come on and show your faces, or at least your names. Pretty please?