Friday, January 21, 2011

Tone Deaf

In the aftermath of the horrific shooting event in Tucson President Obama called for a change in the tone of our political rhetoric.  He asked that we remove the hate filled words aimed at physically harming one another and be more civil in our debates.
The sentiment was and is a good one but alas this is America, land of the free and home of the brave.
The free is our speech and the brave is the person hiding behind a gun or a cable television camera or sitting in an enclosed radio broadcast center spewing hate.
With a nine year old child’s life senselessly cut short by an insane act still fresh in our minds and a kind selfless Congresswoman miraculously alive and recuperating in a Houston Hospital what better time to start the hate debates up again.
An idiot posted a plea to remove Congresswoman Giffords from office and at the very least hold a special election obviously in the hopes of changing her seat from Democratic to Republican.
That was bad enough and the suggestion would have disappeared into the ether filled with other inane moronic hate spewing suggestions if it were not for the championing of the cause by a nationally known figure, one David Frum.
He picked up on the idea and used his twitter account to make sure the story and idea had legs.
I doubt he was shooting himself.
At least not in the head!
You have come out of the closet in which you have almost hidden and shown the world your true colors.
But more importantly you have inadvertently, I assume, added an important new level into the mix that is the Tucson tragedy.  You have given every crazed zealot of every cause their own personal Holy Grail.
They now have a blueprint to getting a government of by and for THEMSELVES!
Shoot to kill or just maim the official of your choice and once they are incapacitated demand they be replaced so that our government may continue uninterrupted.
Sarah Palin may have innocently placed targets over many officials including Gabrielle Giffords in the subliminal hopes of having her taken out but you sir have placed targets on every Senator and Representative in every town, city, and state in the country.
Christina Green’s family donated their child’s organs to others so that even in death she could help and heal others.
You and your kind are very much alive and doing the complete opposite.
Way to help change the tone!

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