Thursday, January 20, 2011

Silence is Not Always Golden

Why is the she silent majority still silent?
In America it’s important for all voices to be heard.
It’s also always a fact that a few bad apples can ruin the batch.  And those rotten to the core apple types seem to have the loudest, most annoying, and most constant voice!
A recent study about stadium drunkenness shows that on average only 8% of attendees were considered legally drunk as they left the stadium.  And in fact 60% of the people leaving registered a zero on alcohol testing devices such as Breathalyzers.
And yet that tiny 8% minority can wreak unbelievable havoc and dangerous fights throughout the stadium.  So imagine how much trouble a minority that’s in the 40% neighborhood.
Sadly we don’t have to tax our brains too hard since America just lived through that kind of period for the last two politically unproductive and dangerously provocative years.
Groups such as the Tea Party are not in the majority yet they just caused tremendous change in the landscape of the House and Senate.  Unfortunately they prove the point that ‘change’ is not always good!
The Republican Party was in the minority yet they held up most of the potential progress the majority desired.  Incredibly they were rewarded by gaining ground in the latest elections as if the ability and desire to do nothing was something to aspire to!
And they now claim that the elections of 2010 gave them a clear understanding of what the people want.   They say the people want them to take control and continue their agenda. They say they listened to the people and will do that which the people want.
But were they deaf in 2008 when a huge majority rejected their agenda or merely dumb? Why did they stall and block everything that majority wanted at the time as shown by that landslide?
Could it be they only listen when their backers speak?  Isn’t that sort of like preaching to the choir?
However there is both truth and hypocrisy in their message.  Many Americans were against the health reform act of 2010 and many still are.
But the fact of the matter is most of the people who were against the health care bill held that stance because they felt it did not go far enough to stop the all-out greed of the insurance industry. The feeling among the dissenters was they wanted more and many even held out for the so-called public option or single payer plan.
So to say that the new majority in the House is doing what the voters want them to do is disingenuous at best and an out and out lie at its core.  And to make matters worse, THEY KNOW IT!
And after not getting their way on the ‘for show only’ vote in the House of Representatives to repeal the bill they love to call Obamacare look for them to continue their child-like tantrum by taking away the ball so the rest of us cannot play.
The House Republicans are promising to de-fund any program aimed at helping the individual in his or her quest to gain better more affordable healthcare.  They will systematically break apart the hard fought health care reform act that would not only save the lives of many Americans but also billions of tax payer dollars as well.
According to the Congressional Budget Office, our non-partisan fiscal watchdog group (aka CBO) the actual number may vary but the consensus is the reform act will significantly decrease the deficit, something the so-called fiscally responsible Republicans say they want.  Sadly actions speak louder than false promises and in that respect the opposition party is quite silent.
They say the reform act is job killing and have the nerve to use that offensive and false title in their absurd repeal bill!
But whose jobs will be killed, the board of directors of some of the health insurance behemoths?
The facts show that more jobs have already been created in the health care industry as a result of the landmark bill that Congress passed over the vehement objections of the ‘fully covered for life’ minority party.
This study made public last year predicted job growth but was conveniently overlooked by the then minority party and sadly not touted by the majority party.
The silent majority must not remain silent anymore.  And certainly they must not sit at home when it comes time to let their voices be heard through the ballot box!
We will already have to sit through 2 years of silly ‘do-nothing’ posturing by the Republican Party and their Tea Party adjuncts while the rest of the world moves forward.  America currently ranks so low on the scale of national health care for its citizens as to be an embarrassment.  But that equates to an embarrassment of riches when translated into the coffers of the heath care insurance industry.
We must resolve to show the Republicans that they misunderstood our voices and most assuredly our votes and that we can no longer trust them to handle our futures with such aplomb.
Let us finally become the non-silent majority.

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