Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wishing and Hoping and...

There is an old saying that we must be careful what we wish for lest we get it!
The Republicans have attained half of what they wished for in that they have control of the House of Representatives.  Only their stupidity in having total fools run in a few of the Senate races stopped them from realizing their entire wet dream - control of both houses.
The second part of their agenda can now go forward with an increased confidence in that they have chosen the winning path.  That goal is to ensure President Obama does not win a second term and they have made that their job one!
Of course the rest of America wishes them to focus on a different job one, that of getting more jobs for others but since when does a leopard change its spots?
But hidden within the race to the top for the party that has become synonymous with blockage is the responsibility of actually having to govern the country, or at least chip in.  And that may turn out to be a bigger pitfall than they had bargained for.
You see the Republican rhetoric has revolved around replacing the Democrats for so long that they have forgotten what it means to actually do the job they so coveted.  And many of the lies and false complaints they fed their partisan commentators for propagation across the right wing networks will come back to haunt them!
For example every time one of them wished to make Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi look bad for spending too much money while doing her job they pointed out that she was using a private jet!  They said she would galavant around the country on this expensive tax payer luxury and waste our money left and right.
But the truth is the House's majority speaker being third in line for the Presidency has by law a Secret Service entourage and the use of an official United States Jet aircraft.  And even so Ms. Pelosi often eschewed the use of it when she felt it unnecessary.
Now Republican John Boehner will become the speaker and with the title all the incumbent perks.
And rest assured John of Orange will not only use the thing to fly everywhere but may have his tanning bed placed on board for those nasty 2 hour flights he will take to the golf course.
And of course the right wing media picked up on a phony and unsubstantiated story out of India of all places that President Obama was throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars on a trip to Asia this week as another example of his wasteful spending.
The numbers are of course a lie and with the possible exception of a woman who seems to be incredibly stupid, Michelle Bachmann, they all know it.  But even if the numbers were correct would we not wish to have our President safe while making trips to foreign lands and staying in hotels which were  bombed by terrorists earlier this year?
Would they have wanted Bush to go without security?
Well maybe in his case but not generally.
So do we expect the Democrats to point out the new speakers' wasteful use of taxpayer cash?  Of course not!
The Democrats didn't even announce all the good things they did during their all too brief hold on the majority of Congress and the White House.  In fact many of these modest morons ran away from their accomplishments as though they were ashamed of finally doing the right thing for the average American citizen.
All the tremendous spending that the Republicans claimed the Democrats did and always do will now be scrutinized and stopped now that the other party has control, right?
Not on your life!
Most of the wasteful spending is in Defense!  Mr. Boehner and his friends are even greater lovers of that industry than you can imagine.  So do not expect a penny to be pulled from any defense program.  In fact most of them want the wars to continue and grow so that defense contractors may make even more money!
Social Security and Medicare are hot button issues and the Republicans will never tell you what they have in mind, basically because they don't have anything in mind!  Oh they will continue to call it 'entitlements;' as if that's a bad word.
But let's face it, we work all our lives and some of our money goes into Social Security.  Are we not ENTITLED to get that money back?
There are a few other programs and initiatives that cost money but they fall far from the expense of the major ones so let's not dwell on them now.
So enough specifics for the time being.
As we head toward the end of November let's talk turkey.
The next session of the House of Representatives will open with the Republicans in charge.  They will have a Senate that is just slightly and precariously leaning toward the Democratic side of the aisle.  They may also be greeted by a conciliatory President fresh from a self proclaimed whooping at the polls.
So I ask the new leaders, "What up?"
Are you going to continue to block any repair of the country in your search for the Holy Grail, total domination in DC?
Will you waste time trying to repeal a health care bill that should in fact be made stronger?
Will you look into reining in Wall Street and the large banking institutions just a bit so that they don't do again what they did under President Bush?
Remember, the 2012 election season starts now and the people are already asking, "Hey Mr. Boehner, where are the jobs?"


Charlene said...

The problem with we Democrats is we converse and determine to reason with people who have no reason. For GOP it is all about domination.

I am going to speak up and pay attention. Someone should start a left leaning website that points out EVERY miss-deed and distributes it widely.

Cousin Bruce said...

Thanks for the comment and you are right! But there are many sane left leaning sites that attempt to keep Americans informed and up on Republican BS such as the Huffington Post.
What we need are more watch dogs unafraid to speak their minds and not so lazy as to sit back and watch while others vote!
Let's hope we make it through the next two years and bring sanity back or at least closer to DC.