Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nero would have been a Republican Congressman

With the world watching as aggressive dictators and fanatical megalomaniacs masquerading as religious Jihad purists continue to ply their trade of world domination some peace-loving intelligent leaders have gotten together to work out some semblance of sanity.
President Obama and his Russian counterpart have worked long and hard on a treaty that could effectively be the start of something good.  The Start Treaty or Strategic Arms reduction Treaty is a plan that should be viewed as a good thing unless of course your only agenda is to make the President look bad regardless of the consequences.
And consequences there will be!
But this should not come as a shock to anyone since the only thing on the minds, and I use that term loosely of the Republican leadership and their advisors is to get rid of TGDNITWH!  I’m sure that by now everyone is familiar with that disgusting acronym but in case you have been living alongside Bin Laden in a cave somewhere here’s a hint – That God Damned --- In the White House.
Enough of a hint?
So while the nuclear (or nuk-you-lar for you Bushies out there) threat hangs over our heads and the possibility of fire and destruction still exists the Republican Nero’s fiddle around with their plan to take back DC.
But one wonders what they would do when and if they do gain control of all parts of our government.  After all they have done nothing but obstruct for so long I doubt they would even know how to govern.
And therein lay the real danger.
While they have stars in their eyes and delusions of grandeur the citizens of America roam the land looking for jobs.  The world moves on without us.
We have already ceded our workforce to Asian lands and quietly become a laughing stock to much of humanity as we head toward third world status.
But the real threat is much closer and far more immediate.
One more election and this country will become a true Oligarchy.  And our electorate is so naive they don't get it!
The wealthy already own most of our politicians.  Now all they need is to place their puppets in all the seats of power.  That together with an already favorable Supreme Court thanks to their past puppet President and his handlers will complete the plan.
While most of the little people debate the efficacy of allowing billionaires to keep all their money by way of tax gifts in the hopes they will use a small portion of that wealth to hire us back they are looking beyond us to a world without boundaries.
The next election could determine the fate of three hundred million Americans.  And the only jobs that will be available if the above scenario comes to pass will involve the words, “Fries with that?”


Charlene said...

If we who vote could get all the poor people to vote for their interests, the election would change the country. Do that for a decade.

Cousin Bruce said...

From your lips to the ballot box!
But the same people you and I are hoping for and relying on to come to their senses are the ones who have been fooled every election to date! They are still afraid of death panels in Obamacare - a name coined by the evil right to stop any progress in America and keep social injustice as our national aim.