Sunday, November 28, 2010

Upon Further Review - E Z Version

I had some complaints from friends (?) that  it was hard to read the original post since they had to scroll down and up to do so!   So to make it easy for my lazy friends, and I guess Americans in general who are used to being spoon fed headlines in our 24/7 world here is the EZ Version.

The following is a partial list of positive acts pushed for by Liberal groups in America.  It was compiled by an intelligent blogger known as Shoq.

The list is followed by what I believe would be an honest after the fact appraisal of each item by our Republic leaders and their Tea Party affiliates today.

Achievements of Liberalism in the U.S.

All or most strenuously resisted by conservatives & many Republicans.
  1. Interstate Highway System 
    It wasn't Ike's idea. It was a liberal initiative begun in the '30s. Ike was a liberal.  (
    It's okay but we prefer to fly around in our private jets)
  2. Almost all of our Labor Laws (and All Child Labor laws)  (Hated it!)
  3. The Marshall Plan  (That has something to do with war? LOVED IT!)
  4. Environmental Laws  (Bad for business! Stupid laws. Hurts job creation.)
  5. Freedom of Information Act  (Jury is out on this one.)
  6. Workplace safety laws  (Ditto "4.")
  7. Social Security  (Hated it then, hate it now! Privatize the damn thing!)
  8. The Space Program  (If it could be used for defense okay otherwise scrap it!)
  9. Securities Act of 1933 & Most banking Regulations  (Stifling crap! Should have been repealed long ago.)
  10. The Peace Corps  (Lilly livered do-gooders wasting money on aliens!
  11. Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)  (Depends on the service but mostly a waste.)
  12. The Civil rights movement  (Hate it! Just look at the White House for GOD sake!)
  13. Fight against Nazis, Fascism and Totalitarianism  (War is Hell & good for business! Especially ongoing ones.)
    Wilson, FDR ,Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy. All liberals
  14. The Development and Deployment for the Internet (DARPA/HPCA)  (Now that we figured out how to use it, it's okay)
  15. The Tennessee Valley project  (Ditto "4." Government growing too large!
  16. Women's right to vote  (AAAHHHH!! Only 1 group worse! (Was that out loud?)
  17. Universal Public Education  (Another wasteful government program.)
  18. National Weather Service  (Okay, we'll give you that one.)
  19. National Science Foundation/Basic Scientific Research  (Just don't touch GOD's stem cells!)
  20. Product Labeling/Truth in Advertising Laws  (Hurts business, kills free enterprise! Caveat Emptor!)
  21. Public Health Service and CDC  (Public health?  Enough already! Wasteful spending.
  22. Morrill Land Grant Act (land for State public Universities)  (I reckon it worked out but still don't cotton to it!
  23. Rural Electrification  (Give you this one as long as we control the energy sales.)
  24. Public Universities  (Hate it! Government controls too much! It's hard work!
  25. Bank Deposit Insurance  (Free insurance? What's this country coming to? Hate it.
  26. Earned Income Tax Credit  (Only good if it includes billionaires otherwise dump it.
  27. Family and Medical Leave Act  (This screws the hard working business owner - HATE IT!
  28. Consumer Product Safety Commission  (ARE YOU KIDDING? OMG MY HEAD'S EXPLODING!
  29. Public Broadcasting  (Hate it! Why the Hell do we need more than Fox News?
  30. Hoover Dam  (Okay I'll give you that one. But don't push it.
  31. Pell Grants  (I TOLD YOU NOT TO PUSH IT! Socialism! Killing the government & wasting tax dollars.)
  32. Americans With Disabilities Act  (Hate it! My chauffeur has to park too far away now!
  33. State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)  (Government interfering with parents! Pure & simple.)
  34. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 – New (March 25th, 2010)  ( REPEAL OBAMACARE! REPEAL OBAMACARE! REPEAL!! REPEAL!! REPEAL!!)
Somewhere along the way to a modern society we seem to have lost sight of a simple fact.
The greatness of a nation must be measured by how it treats and takes care of it's citizens.
Together we the citizens make up our society, the social order of our country.
We, the citizens elect officials to become our representatives working for the greater good.
Society comes from groups working together, helping one another toward common goals. We have already seen that a nation divided against itself cannot survive.
Socialism in and of itself is not bad nor should the word have the stigma that has been placed on it by the greedy self-serving few among us who have lost sight of our Nation's original and common goal.
They should reread the Constitution.
The original aim of our founding fathers was, among other things to create a more perfect union and promote the general welfare.
Those words form the foundation of socialism.
They are words to live by and we must not forget them.

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