Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Complacency of the Consistent Complainer

There are so many things wrong in America today that picking out just the top three would appear impossible.
Of course we can say the economy but what exactly do we mean?
The wealthy are doing great.  Banks and Wall St. firms are handing out record bonuses.  So the rank of the economy on that list would certainly appear subjective.
Well there is a tremendously high ‘un’ or under employment problem in America, right?
Again it depends on who is asked after all the Republican Party and their duped followers, many of whom are themselves unemployed would argue that jobs exist for those willing to do the hard work.  And then the discussion will devolve into a fight about illegal aliens taking jobs away from Americans.  The argument is old and false and the numbers would prove it if only the fear mongers would listen.
The two party system in Washington appears to have outlived it’s usefulness as one side’s winning strategy of ‘just say no’ to anything and everything the other side proposes has moved them to the brink of taking majority control of the government.
Surely when this happens the other side will wake up, I have no idea why they are sleeping now but…  And once the Democratic alarm clock kicks into gear some bright young man or woman on the left side of the aisle will forge a plan to do exactly the same thing.
The nation will go from left to right and DC from Democratic to Republican and back again ad infinitum.
Sooner or later the rest of the world will stop looking to us as the intelligent leaders of the free world and merely a nuisance.
So what should we do?  Do we get together and form a few more parties?  One such party was in fact formed out of the chaos that is the Congress today but unfortunately it was usurped by the Republicans and the ‘right.’
Some of the ideas of the Tea Party are good but the people chosen to deliver them are for the most part idiots or evil geniuses.
The agenda of that quasi autonomous group is unclear but rooted in the Republican rhetoric of smaller government, whatever that means.
So the people who are most affected by the power grab in DC become more and more frustrated and turn to the only thing they know how to do, complain.
And we all know there is plenty to complain about.
Unfortunately we have become accustomed to airing our views over the internet in the form of blogs, such as this one.  I guess we mistakenly feel that someone will sit up and take note but that will never happen.
The agenda of those in power is to stay there, not to make our problems go away.  If they actually did what we elected them to do we might enjoy peace and prosperity.  But how can you run for office without promoting fear?
Any student of politics, the art of the possible will notice that most if not all of our leaders say one thing on the campaign trail and do other things in office.  Some even vote against their own proposals just to piss off the other side.  These days they are commonly known as Republicans but that may change.
So the blogging continues and the complaints mount.  And we are happy to complain and have someone else read our thoughts and agree with us.  That has become our goal for we believe if enough people agree with us we can form a movement and perhaps bring about real change.
We are idealistic, we are deluded.
We have been defeated and we have become complacent.
But we will continue to complain since we have no other choice.

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Anonymous said...

We're not giving up, we're just hibernating until 2012.
At least I hope so.