Sunday, February 7, 2010

Try Education Already!

There are over six billion humans beings on this planet and an equal number of opinions on what should be done about, well just about anything!

In simple terms this is the reason we have horse races!

But when you have a horse race there are typically between 8 and 12 animals upon whom you may place your bet. There are two or three horses considered to be favorites and an equal number of lesser but 'close possibles' in every race. And there is always a long shot!

To keep the analogy going a long shot remains that way unless enough people place their bets upon that horse. At that point the parimutuel odds system moves it out of the 'longshot' slot and into the 'close' group.

This is what is happening in the world of the TEA Party as it inexplicably continues it's march out of the long shot realm and into the mainstream (or mane-stream) field.

The original acronym is supposed to stand for Taxed Enough Already but it is misguided as the group is affiliated with, and even being run out of the offices of the Republican Party. The same party that has typically taxed the poor and middle class at much higher rates than the elite rich! (But who could blame the "Party of No" when so much graft is the reward?)

So the purse is great and the track is fast.

On the surface the movement is disorganized. It boasts rallies on selected turfs across the country with various speakers riling up anger in order to gain backers and fun
ding for themselves. These groups hope to point out problems with the other side, whichever side that may be and promote themselves as the answer.

But what is the answer?

Some call it common sense or Horse Sense!
But whichever you choose the one true answer is EDUCATION! (You Betcha!)

Listening to the Tea Party messages over the past year (and believe me it has been hard to do so) I understand the anger and frustration among the citizens of America. There are more of us out of work than in recent memory. And while Wall Street is doing well there appe
ars to be no rainbow let alone a pot of gold on the horizon for the rest of us.

And yet crowds of people turn up at various Tea Party events to listen to the "Haves" explain to the "Have Nots" why they should vote for the speaker.

But do the speakers have the answers?
Do they even care to find them?
Or are they merely inciting to an almost riot level using half truths or out and out lies to get ahead?

When a lead speaker at a Tea Party rally says he is still not certain that the President is a citizen call him out! Tell him you know he is full of horse manure! Tell him to stop pandering to the uneducated bigot. That is unless he is one himself!!! In that case shake your head sadly and trot on away from him. (Another good acronym could be Tancredo Equals A-hole.)

This race should be an easy one to handicap. No the Tea Party is no longer a long shot but it is still a hag. It is a conglomerate of phony activists out to make more money by stopping any real progress or reform in the country.

The message is basically "Throw the bums out" and elect us to rule.

"We will sto
p the 'Death Panels' that want to 'Kill Grandma.' (This one being perpetrated by, among others Congresswoman Bachmann or as I like to acronym-ize her - Terribly Empty Airhead!)

"Obama is a (insert your slur based on the speaker or the audience)
Socialist - Hitler - African Chief - Medicine Man - Illegal Alien.

One could easily blurt out Joe Wilson's infamous two-word brain fart at each and every one of the above labels and this time be correct.

Political movements are a part of this country and over the years have proven themselves to be productive. If they are good and deserving ones they continue but if not they die away. Many times some of their views are incorporated into the mainstream. This is how a nation moves forward.

If we were stuck in the past then women and African Americans would still not be allowed to vote!

Change can be g
ood but one thing that must not change is our desire to learn.

Education is the key to this country's success and it must remain so. Learn the issues and read all the sides. Get to know the values of each and every horse in the race before choosing the one upon which to place your money.

And if in the end you choose the long shot then make sure you make
your point with passion and intelligence and keep an open ear for hoof steps behind.

Let's make the TEA Party stand for
Try Education Already.

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