Sunday, February 28, 2010

Something is Wrong!

The frustration that is pervading the lives of the majority of Americans is palpable.  Everyone is caught up in the ebb and flow of our stagnant congress.

Like marathoners jockeying for position our elected officials lunge and parry any attempt to legislate.  But one side is quite naïve at the winning tactic of their opponent.  Hopefully they will awaken in time to stop disaster.

Recall the tale of the frog and the scorpion.  The scorpion asks for a ride across the river since he cannot swim.  The frog worries that the scorpion will sting him and he will die.  But the scorpion assures that it would be unwise for him to do so since, “we’d both die!”  But halfway across the river the scorpion indeed stings the frog.  And as they drown the frog asks why.  The reply is simply, “because I’m a scorpion and that’s what scorpions do!”

Now one could argue that like the frog and the scorpion the Republicans will go down with the ship of state as well but you’d be tragically wrong.  Every member of our Government is set for life.  Even if they are thrown out of Congress they will have health care and pensions and social security for themselves and their heirs.  And in some cases they will continue to collect their pensions even if (or when) they are convicted of criminal acts!

The polls, which in many cases cause the sentiment they appear to be asking about show that most Americans are fed up with the incumbents.  If this feeling carries through to November control of Congress may fall back into the hands of the scorpions, I mean Republicans.

And therein lays the beauty in the plan of the so-called “Party of NO!”  The Republican strategy from the start of the Obama era has been to plan his and our Waterloo.

For the most part they are the cause of the stagnation.  A close look at the nuances in the 40 year fight for health care reform will show that this is not new.  When Republican Senators vote against proposals that they themselves once put forth it becomes clear they have no interest in moving legislation forward.

But the public anger at getting nothing done will fall on the shoulders of the Democrats.  In part this is fair since they did have a chance to tell the Republicans to ‘go ye forth and multiply yourselves!’

But by allowing the tactic to win the Dems put their jobs in jeopardy and come November the electorate will reward them with early retirement.  And guess who will take control of Congress; the very same people who have done nothing but obstruct progress.

To be fair not all Democrats are good and not all Republicans are bad.  It is the system that rewards bad behavior.  It allows one selfish moronic Senator to stand up in Congress and stop everything.  Bemoaning the fact that he missed a college basketball game Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning used all four of his balls to vote against extending unemployment insurance to millions of Americans.  I guess he had to miss a ballgame so now his constituents will have to miss their mortgage payments.

When we are told that our budget deficit is growing too large to help taxpayers in need something is wrong.

When politicians use millions of dollars to campaign for jobs that pay $200K per year something is wrong.

When we find out that the bribes these hypocrites solicit and accept make that salary look like ‘pin money’ something is wrong.

When the Supreme Court justices rule that countries and corporations can fund the take over of our government something is wrong.

And when they call the President a liar when he points the above out something is wrong.

When the banks take our money to bail out their failed businesses and then distribute that money to themselves as bonuses something is wrong.

When CEO salaries are hundreds and hundreds of times the average pay of their employees something is wrong.

And when those same CEOs lay off more workers because the company is not making enough money something is definitely wrong.

And finally when health insurance companies can decide who may live and who may die based merely on their P&L statement everything is wrong!

But as long as you have money bad behavior is rewarded in America.  So get ready for the Republican majority come November.  And if history is any teacher watch the wealthy party like it’s the 90s.


Mark Surks said...

Damn, I feel like I want to cut and paste this, put my name on it and send it to the NYT as an Op-Ed piece. Effen awesome.

mug guy said...

I am humbled by your praise. Perhaps I should tighten it up and see if they would like it - Or for fun submit it to the Wall Street Journal? :-)

Mark Surks said...

Somehow the WSJ hasn't gotten completely Murdoched yet. They uncovered correspondance by Republicans that went begging for stimulus money while they were railing against it in Congress.

mug guy said...

Good point.
You're right about that Wall St. Journal coup however I still don't trust them.
The out of character outing of the Republicans appears to be a tactic similar to the one used by the Nazis during WWII.
It's only a matter of time before we get out-foxed by Murdoch, the master of media muck.