Monday, February 8, 2010

I Menus Anyone?

When it comes to food most people want what they want and they want it NOW!

But while most people love to eat one group makes a religion of it. And by that I mean every holiday or Holy Day is punctuated by food. (All except one and that one is surrounded by binge eating but more on that later.)

For the Jews in America the joke is, "They tried to kill us, let's eat!" Or, "They sent us out of Egypt, Let's eat!" You get the picture.

So naturally when it comes to eating and innovation you can rest assured that a new way to get your food faster and easier will be invented by Jews.

Around 5 years ago a team of young entrepreneurs from Israel formed a company called Conceptic. They are marketing a new way to order food from restaurants. They came up with the idea a few years back and it finally making its move into the world of mainstream restaurants.

It does not bode well for waiters and waitresses per se but since when does technology care about getting groups of people fired or laid off?

Every table will be have an LCD screen where there may have once been 'Juke Box' terminals. The screens display the restaurant's menu complete with photos and prices. All you need do is point; click; sit back and eat; and of course pay.

There is naturally one problem that most of us will not be happy about. That is who to blame when what is served is not what we thought we ordered. We'll no longer be able to blame the server! (Unless of course the program gets a virus!)

So for all holidays, except Yom Kippur, our highest Holy Day; a day of atonement and fasting get your fingers ready to do the walking through the menu of your choice.

Let's eat - הלאט\ אוכל
Bon Apetite! Or make that - בתאבון

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