Monday, February 22, 2010

Putting it Together

1 - Pollsters continue to ask Americans if they feel a need for health care reform.

2 - Politicians continue to (seemingly) debate the issue.

3 - Health Insurance companies continue to make record profits while raising rates and dropping people from their roles.

4 - President Obama said repairing the health care problem was one of his main goals.

5 - Millions of Americans have no coverage nor the money or wherewithal to get it.

6 - Nearly 50,000 Americans die each year due to lack of health coverage.

7 - While everyone tries to put their fingers on the problem Insurers are flippantly flipping their fingers in a different way!

8 - Democrats were resoundingly elected to cure the country of the Republican-corporate mentality of screwing the middle class and lowering upper class taxes.

9 - While tremendous numbers of Americans are turning blue waiting health care reform Blue Dog Dems are looking more like DINOs ala Lieberman.

10 - Polls be damned there will be nothing done to repair the broken system simply because the 'powers that be' control the system as well as the law makers who are supposed to be in control!

Conclusion - Until and unless the politicians in DC stop collecting the bribes and reading from their tired script we the people will continue to lose. We can elect but can never select a politician who is not in the pocket of a lobby or two.

The entire above scenario is enough to make you sick. But try not to let it because, trust me you're not covered.

By the way - the answer to the poll in item 1 - DUH!

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