Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We Are the World

I am by no means an egotist but I do notice that a few (very few) people have visited this blog from outside the United States. I note this as I recently placed a World Counter on the blog that allows me to see how many times the blog is viewed and from where. Not that many have done so but enough to amaze me. That pleases me and also makes me wonder how in the heck they found this?!?

But I welcome them as I do anyone who chooses to waste a short amount of time reading my thoughts and rants. I do wish that some more of you would add to the discussion and even argue with me by way of leaving comments.

If you would like me to cover an issue or state my point of view on anything it would be my pleasure to do so. All you must do is ask. But if you do be prepared for my view which may not be to your liking.

For example:

As with anyone who writes on the web I take my chances at offending some but I generally lean toward the side of the little guy (or gal.) I am not in favor of any large organization hurting the so-called little people merely to make a gain. Even though I naturally I realize businesses are in business to make that gain.

When we speak of corporate greed we are taking on a subject that appears to be the opposite of an oxymoron since corporations must be greedy to get investors and thereby more money with which to operate and get even larger profits.

This cycle may be considered vicious but it is necessary. It is up to Government to set up the playing field in such a manor as to have safeguards in place to stop runaway greed.

In America we try to have regulations on utilities since by virtue of their name they are things we all need. For example a utility must ask for permission to raise rates.

Right now we have a fight going on for health insurance reform and the government is trying to pass a law that makes purchasing insurance mandatory. This will turn that industry into a utility. But if they do so they must then regulate it!!! As it stands now there are no plans to do so and that is just plain wrong. Look for people to rebel and defy any law of that type.

Our government recently allowed a British company - National Grid - to come in and purchase or rather take over a utility in the new York area - Keyspan. Nat Grid promised to have the people's best interest in mind and proved it by advertising how wonderful they were. Now they have petitioned the government for the right to outsource a few hundred jobs overseas taking them from Long Island.

There is no doubt that our government will allow this abortion to happen since they are the same people who allowed such an important part of our every day lives to be taken over by a foreign country in the first place. What did they think the corporation would do, lower rates and hi
re Americans???

I guess all countries have problems and some far more than ours. But in this era of a flat and small world we should all know what the grass looks like elsewhere. Perhaps we can learn and teach each other a thing or two.

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