Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Peace of Mind?

There is an old joke about insurance:

A man is going over his policy and the insurance agent is trying to answer all his questions.

But for every possible loss he can foresee he finds out he is not covered!

Finally in disbelief he asks the agent, "Then why do I need insurance?"

"For peace of mind," comes the response.

It may be old but it is really not a joke! The insurance agencies of this country are bloodsuckers and they are not about to give up their steady diet without a fight. The problem is we don't get to see that fight. We can only infer that it is going on.

But why should there even be a fight?

And a 50 year one at that!

Isn't it a no-brainer that in this supposedly greatest country the world has ever known the citizens should be entitled to good health care?

When Politician after Politician claims that he or she is on the side of the public and wants to help us with our insurance premiums etc. they are not telling us the whole truth. What they mean to say is, "Let me help you get insurance. The price you pay is, well that's between you and your provider."

And since this so-called health care reform push has been going on in the not-so hallowed halls of Congress every day has brought another piece of bad news for humans. The latest gift to the undeserving insurance industry is the mandate that every Eloi must buy insurance from a Morlock. This guarantees them more profits and us nothing.

Since the year is about to end we should all be getting ready for the annual ritual known as feeding the kitty. Oh, I mean paying our taxes to the IRS so that the Politicians can get their salaries. But truth be told they don't need our money anymore. The various 'lobbies' have seen to that.

When you go to a store and purchase something there is an unwritten guarantee that the item will work and will be replaced if not. Both sides understand this and abide by it as well.

The same thing goes for the lobbies! They have bought just about every Senator and Congressman in our government and they rightly expect to get what they paid for!

So far it has been money well spent.

I just rounded up all my bills and payments for the year and came to a wonderful conclusion. And just like Tennessee Ernie Ford once said, I owe my soul to the company store.

My total payments to all the insurance companies for the year amount to an unbelievable 40% of all my bills!!! When you realize that the do nothing puppets in DC demand around 30% of our income you start to realize that you are working for them!

The year that just passed saw millions of us laid off due basically to a banking and insurance fraud that was knowingly perpetrated on the American citizen. The criminals who did this deed were rewarded by their puppets with huge amounts of our tax dollars as bailout money.

This money was then and is still being distributed amongst themselves as booty. What the Directors on the Boards of these fraudulent companies do not take for themselves as bonuses they are earmarking as bribes for Congress and television ads to convince those among us too stupid to dress themselves that they are good people.

The only solution to this problem is to stop the secretive bribery of Congress. Unfortunately that will never happen because it is the right of special interest groups to 'lobby' for their cause in front of whomever they deem fit to listen. This right is in our constitution and the unintended loophole therein ensures our demise.

We should demand that our leaders make public all their bribes. Failure to do so would constitute immediate dismissal from Congress, fines equal to 10% more than the bribes received and jail time as deemed fit by a jury of OUR peers. And to make the punishment really fit the crime - Loss of their lifetime insurance coverage and unearned pension! After all they did not do the job for which they were hired!

The above should be considered the Citizen's Insurance plan.
It is the only way we can have real peace of mind.
It is the only way WE THE PEOPLE can still be in control of the country.


Eric said...

Maybe it's time to invest in insurance companies?

mug guy said...

Thanks for the thought.
You're right, we should! Just like Lieberman and Baucus and Grassley and every Republican did?
Hey, check and see if Michele Obama bought stock as well? :-)