Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Paul Harvey-Like Moment

On this day (December 16th) in 1973 Orenthal James Simpson became the first NFL running back to break the 2,000 yard rushing barrier in professional football. And he did it in only 14 games.

And as the wonderful and legendary NPR broadcaster would say "And now for the rest of the story."

O J waited 20½ years, nearly to the day to celebrate by killing his former wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman. Then showing that he had lost most of his NFL quickness and elusiveness he led the police on a very low speed chase in the infamous white Bronco.

Many former sports celebrities have trouble adjusting to life after the game but OJ was able to translate his cut and slash style of running in an interesting way.

Even though he was unbelievably guilty of murder and even made statements to that effect he pleaded not guilty by reason of celebrity and hired the so-called "Dream Team" of scum, I mean attorneys to defend him.

These high priced low value low lifes argued in rhythm and rhyme and totally baffled and bull-shitted the two idiot team of prosecutors headed by the inept Marcia Clark during a 134 day trial.

The trial divided America between the people who knew he was guilty and the ethnically charged group who wanted to believe otherwise.

Johnnie Cochran of glove fitting fame is now dead like the two people his client murdered so he takes his crime to his grave. But the others still lurk in the shadows looking for the next murderer to 'make a killing off.'

Harvey Levin, an attorney who for some reason was not on the dream team worked the case as a legal reporter on KCBS in LA. As many of the sleazy lawyers involved in his defense Levin almost got the entire case tossed when he aired a video allegedly showing inept prosecutor Marcia searching Simpson's home before acquiring a proper search warrant. But the truth won out at least in this part and the jackass had to retract his story shortly thereafter and apologize on air.

But don't feel bad for Mr. Levin, he has gone on to continue his low-life activities by stalking celebrities and making a fortune off their errors and mistakes. This leech now runs the useless and disgusting website TMZ and nothing more need be said.

How did the million dollar dream team do? Well it took the enamored jury only 4 hours to come up with their decision. And that verdict revealed in front of the new celebrity Judge Lace Ito was as clear as black and white. O J the murder was found not guilty of his crimes. The joy and grief across the land was also mostly black and white.

Later a more rational jury found the murderer guilty in a civil trial that was not defended by any dream team.

But just as leopard keeps his spots O J is currently in jail for a crime that included weapons charges and murder threats. He has finally touched down and resides with his peers.

No one can take away the TWO thousand yards gained by the athlete during the autumn and winter of 1973 but it is also sadly true that no one can bring back the TWO lives he ended in 1994.

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