Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's a Matter of Death or, uh...

An inescapable conclusion has come to light - Republicans are against keeping us alive!

Okay that may seem like an unfair representation of their stance on most issues but a simple examination of their main policies will serve as a pointer toward their seemingly not so hidden agenda.

As a whole the entire Republican party in Congress has been against anything and everything Obama except for one key issue which I will note later.

The President and most of his Democratic colleagues have been pushing for health care reform since this current term began. Unfortunately neither he nor they have been forceful enough to get it done. They have had to spend far too much energy refuting the absurd lies thrown out by the 'right.'

Americans are dying due to a lack of health insurance which translates into a lack of good affordable health care and that leads to death. The Republicans law-makers (oxymoron?) have been as one goose-stepping with the insurance lobby in stalling; befuddling; and basically stopping any meaningful change in our current system.

(By the way - they all have the best health care already so they couldn't care less)

The President has vowed to finish the war in Afghanistan within 2 years. This will not be easy and may prove to be impossible but at least he is trying to fix the morass and mess left by the inept duo that preceded him in the White House.

The Republicans are all for this! They have but one reservation and that is they do not like the time limit to end the war. Forget what words they use to explain the facts bear out the real reason; they like war.

War kills!

War is good for business, as long as they are not on the firing line. (I would like to submit the wartime records of messrs. Bush and Cheney into evidence your honor)

(By the way not too many of them are veterans and a short while ago they trashed war hero Dems in order to get themselves elected.)

This week for the first time in a decade new lines of embryonic stem cells have arrived at laboratories. This is in response to President Obama's changing of the strict religious rules placed on the medical and research communities by the aforementioned clueless inept and mostly evil duo.

In my local paper, Newsday there was an article listing those in favor and those opposed to this change of policy. Must I really delineate who was for vs. against?


Democrats and scientists were all for this chance to use technology and their GOD-GIVEN talents (sorry) to come up with methods to save lives.

The Republicans and Church members were steadfastly against it, although one local Reverend from Westchester did say he was okay with the measured way in which the cells are being used.

Bottom line is that stem cell research can bring about new finds and ways to save lives. Blocking or opposing stem cell research in an ostrich sort of way means

And that BS about the so-called Pro-Life movement which should really be named ANTI-CHOICE is all about keeping an unborn fetus alive while not giving a damn about the life of the already alive and functioning mother. The Republicans mainly feel that abortions are a lower class problem and since most of the lower class is either Democratic or non-voters, well you do the math.

They would rather save the life of an unborn fetus at the expense of the mother; the DEATH OF THE MOTHER.

Now it is possible that some of the Republicans are not as evil as their words and policies make them out to be but it takes a lot to find them.

As a last example I give you a bill proposed by the junior Senator from Minnesota, the honorable Al Franken.

It seems that some large corporations / contractors, such as Cheney's infamous KBR Halliburton have forced their female employees who have been sexually abused on the job to bring their cases to the company before going puiblic. They are told that the decision made by that biased board must be binding.
In other words the fox will decide whether or not to allow the hen to complain.

Senator Franken cannot stop this disgusting practice but he can ask that Congress not allow these chauvinistic pigs to win government bids. His bill forbids their bids.

Good News - Bad News (no joke): The bill passed but by only a 68 to 30 vote!

So who were these 30 sub-humans who want to allow women to get raped and not be allowed to complain about it?
Well if you have to think long and hard about an answer then you must be a Republican!!!
Let me repeat:
By their own voting record 30 out of 40 Republicans Senators feel it is okay to allow companies to cover up the gang rape of women!

And not only did the 'right' side of the aisle vote against this no-brainer of an issue they belittled Senator Franken for bringing it up calling his bill a veiled political attack on Halliburton!

So in conclusion the Republicans are in favor of death wherever possible but if it is not then I guess rape will do!!!

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