Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Pen the Sword and the Finger

Republicans act so strong when it comes to our security and foreign policy and well just about everything. But are they really that strong or is it just the bluster of a bully?

It seems that the pen has been replaced by the finger in the adage about the mighty sword. Republicans and Conservatives and every other splinter group therein has taken to using their fingers not just to give the 'high sign' to the Obama administration but to point blame at!

They will point their fingers every time something does not happen to their liking. And since they are in the minority on Capitol Hill finger pointing is their main weapon. But it is not their only one.

Using amoral individuals to set up groups on the web they reel in unsuspecting citizens looking for help. You might answer an ad for info on a face lift and end up sending a message to your congressman that health care reform is bad for the country even though you desperately wish it to come true!

These cowards on the right who hide behind splinter groups but fail to distance themselves from their message continue to stimy any progress in Washington. But they have no qualms about getting face time, usually on Fox to state their disgust at Obama for all he has done or failed to do.

Tom Ridge is talking about how terrible Obama is for trying the so-called underpants terrorist in Federal Court even though that is exactly what he did to the 'shoe-bomber' under the Cheney-Bush administration. (No error on the order of power.)

I will not endeavor to list all the 'Flip-Flops' being performed by the 'Right' since Obama took office because I only have another 30 or 40 years left on this earth. I am sure you can make you own quick list and don't forget to include the traitorous Lieberman.

You remember him, don't you? He proposed Medicare for all until he realized it might become a reality and then opposed it to the point of Jihad proportions. Of course a little funding by the insurance industry didn't hurt either.

The latest non-sequitur out of Congress comes from the honorable Senator from the great state of South Carolina. (Pardon me while I take an antacid.)

Jim Demint (R-SC) is toeing the party line about homeland security and is up in arms over the fact that our Transportation Security Administration has not been able to keep our airlines safe from terror. He blames the Obama administration for not having someone at the helm of that agency. If the TSA was run by a capable individual perhaps none of this would happen.

But here's the thing - President Obama has in fact appointed a man to head the agency but the appointment is being held up in the Senate - BY JIM DEMINT!

How does this publicity hound justify his contradictory action? He claims that the well qualified appointee to head the TSA would probably allow the baggage handlers at the airports to join unions!

I'll let that one sink in for a second.

Go on and read it again and then look it up for yourself. In other words do a little fact checking, something neither Fox nor it seems the Republicans ever do these days.

In a nutshell (perfect analogy for Mr. Demint) we cannot have true homeland safety if our airport baggage handlers are allowed to join unions and attempt to get living wages and better working conditions!

This point of view is Demented.
Hey, notice the similarity!
Hmmm, coincidence?
I think not!

So why is the minority being allowed to rule when they come up with ideas such as this? Simply put the Democrats don't have the balls to stop them!

When the President entered office he wanted to have a bi-partisan term, one during which both sides acted civilly and debated intelligently and came to solutions that best helped the country move forward.

What he was greeted with instead was a group of men and women acting like spoiled children with their fingers in their ears chanting, "Nyah-Nyah." And whenever their fingers came out of their ears they pointed blame and threatened, just like all the bullies we knew growing up. Do we really want this group running the country?


Anonymous said...

Remember the line attributed to Charlie Wilson
Why does Congress say one thing and do another?
"Mostly tradition, I guess!"

Reschzoo said...

Great line!
The main problem these days is Congress is saying one thing BUT DOING NOTHING!
They have taken the attitude of the Lombardi Green Bay Packers - Winning isn't everything; It's the only thing.
From every November 15th on it's campaign season.