Monday, December 1, 2008

Giant Stupidity

The football Giants have been winning regularly and doing so without 2 of the 3 marquee players from that winning drive in Super Bowl XLII.
David Tyree, who arguably made the greatest catch in Super Bowl history is out for the year due to a lack of luck. He sustained an unfortunate injury that impeded his play.
Plaxico Burress, who caught the winning touchdown pass in the Super Bowl is also out for the year (and beyond?) due to a lack of brains. He sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound from his own illegal and concealed weapon while out clubbing one night.
Thankfully Eli Manning is still playing with the same boyish grin and on-field intensity that has marked his recent success.
There are reports that one or more other Giant players were present at the trigger pulling party and if so they may also face charges. Hopefully they will be found to be innocent bystanders and the team will only lose the soon to be former wide receiver.
It never ceases to amaze me how so many professional athletes crash and burn. Many of them have nothing if not for sports and yet given the obscene and as far as I am concerned undeserved sums of money they get they reach for the self destruct button.
Most of us would almost kill to have their money if not talent to play a game and get paid to do so. But too many of them just don't understand that with the fame and fortune comes the responsibility to walk the line and follow the rules.
In New York we know of the sad tales of Darryl and Dwight but if you wish to add all the 'roid users to your list of idiots you would need a longer blog.
I naively hope that this will be the last time the headlines have to report a stupid act by an athlete.
So the Giants only have one out of those three players left from their championship game. In baseball one out of three is not bad but...
Nevertheless I miss Tyree and the chance to hear the fans cheer him once more for that catch. I will also miss Plaxico, at least the on-field version we knew. Perhaps he can open up a canine obedience school with Michael Vick. As for Eli I really think another ring would balance out his hand beautifully.


Anonymous said...

You actually got a chuckle out of me this time. I just want to know how Burress thinks he can plead not guilty when it was his gun that was used. Is he that stupid? It really is sad that these guys make so much money and don't know how to handle it. I don't know if you were watching the game yesterday but the commentator on the field (love him but can't remember his name) said it so right when he told kids watching that if you need to have a gun to feel safe somewhere don't go there. How does it sound so easy yet these guys don't get it. Too many hits to the head?

Reschzoo said...

The Goose says many inane things but he was right that comment.
I guess the best way to explain why Plaxico should not have done what he did is to call it NO-BRAINER. But unfortunately He is!