Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow Effect Lake

In winter when the white flakes blow
With cold above but warmth below
When rain doth follow all that snow

Where does the water have to go?
Lake Resch

At willows base below the mound
When skies are dark and storms abound
There is a spot where can be found
Much liquid pooling on the ground

Lake Resch

If this were Summer Spring or Fall
No touch of rain would hurt at all
But with white walls of snow so tall

The deposit left we have to call

Lake Resch

Some warmer weather comes to tease
With leafless trees in gentle breeze

But cold returns to chill and freeze

And lo so truly my eye sees

Lake Resch

Perhaps we'll move so far away
To temperate climes and live one day
Where wintry skies are blue not gray

What would be missed? I'd have to say

Lake Resch


train buddy said...

I'm hoping that I was looking at your pool or otherwise I think you have some major problems in your backyard. Also saw your pix from Cayman Islands. Looks like you had a great time as long as you weren't intending to play tennis.

mug guy said...

That corner was worse when we moved in. The willow is there to drink the water but my neighbors got rid of all their trees. One even got rid of all foliage and put in cement. The water gets drunk by the willow but it takes time. I even have a dry well underneath.
But it is the farthest point from the house so it is not a problem. And it is still nice to have Lake Resch occasionally and friends to read about it as well.
Grand Cayman was very nice and it would even be better if I had a job to come back to!