Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cost Cutting Measures for Terrorists

According to the news reports today our government has deciphered on-line chatter and determined that Al Qaeida may be planning a terrorist act on the Long Island Rail Road.
Do they not read the papers? I would say the LIRR personnel are doing a pretty bang up job (sorry about that) themselves without any outside help.
Times are tough for everyone these days. Al and his Qaeida friends should just sit back in their caves and enjoy the chaos without the expense.

(After writing this I learned of the latest cowardly attack by the lower than scum of the Earth so-called terrorists. India was attacked and any human being is upset by that. Obviously the attackers are jealous of and do not like any civilized beings. I trust I did not offend anyone with my flip remarks about the LIRR but if so it was unintentional.)

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