Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Patersons Doomsday in New York

Newsday reported that Governor Paterson is unveiling his 'Doomsday Budget.' I say that's a prophetic title.

With rising unemployment due mostly to unprecedented and in many cases unwarranted amounts of layoffs our Governor is about to strike the final blow to the middle class. And he is doing it with disdain.

The budget includes but is not limited to taxing the following of our luxuries:
Haircuts (Afros anyone?)
Non-Diet sodas (Paterson has stock in Diet-Rite?)
Movies (Blockbuster stock?)
Sporting events (No jock he)
Increased registration fees for our cars (Chauffeurs included?)
Camping and other leisure activities
Television and cable
And many, many more.

He is only a step away from taxing our bodily waste

But the bottom line in all of this is that those of us considered to be in the lower and middle classes will no longer be allowed to enjoy any pleasure without paying a fee to New York State.

Notice I only mentioned the lower and middle classes? That's because Governor Paterson answers to a
court. The higher is of course the upper class. He stated that he would not consider even a temporary tax hike on millionaires because he fears it could spark an exodus from the State.

How many of you really believe that is his reason for not asking that group to help out in this time of peril and distress?

In light of the inevitable pending rate hikes from LIPA and the MTA and our governments continued assault on the lower and middle classes this may finally be Doomsday for New York. Perhaps the Governors millionaire friends will chip in once the overtaxed classes finally move out.

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