Friday, December 12, 2008

Repugnant Republicans

If you do something good but for the wrong reason is it bad? Perhaps it is still okay as long as the rest of the interested world does not know the back story.

The Senate Republicans do not like organized labor. They do not like the poor or working class. As any intelligent person knows they are and have always been elitists. They know that for a much smaller effort they can woo one or two billionaires and reap huge benefits for themselves and their friends and families that will make their futures bright. In order to get the same monetary reward out of the middle class they would have to ask for kick backs from millions and let's face it that is just not going to happen.

Today these, for lack of a better term self-serving bastards turned down the congressional bill aimed at keeping the Big Three auto companies in business. Now if you have ever read my blog or talked to me I am very passionate about my feeling for or rather against the CEOs and board members of those Big Three companies. I did not want the bill passed as it was laid out since it did not require anything from top management.

So what's my problem?

The Republicans voted it down because they wish to break the back of the United Auto Workers' union. If the Senate elitists have their way there will be three million more workers on unemployment. The CEOs and top management scum will survive, especially after they count the money they have socked away all these years in obscene bonuses.

By trying to get the companies to declare Chapter 11 and liquidate the Repugnant Republicans (RRs) hope to get rid of the union and allow the companies to come back under different terms.

To see the glaring difference in their stance look no further than the bailout of the banking industry which was handed money, OUR MONEY to hoard and to hide till death do us part. There were no demanded stipulations by the RRs. There was no attempt to block the deal by the RRs. And there is no outcry from the RRs now that it has become clear that the banks have no intention of loaning the money out to jump start the economy.

It is abundantly clear that the RRs agenda was to break the unions but White House and the Democrats will try to stop them from doing so. The rest of the government will grant the auto industry billions from the TARP fund and thus keep them going, but once again without stipulations.

The RRs will thus not only lose their bid to rid us of unions but also lose whatever face they ever had in doing so. In other words they are doing the right thing but in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons.

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