Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blue vs. Green?

As of this moment there is a possibility that the two downstate New York area football teams could meet in the Super Bowl. Buffalo is actually the only New York team but they have a slim chance of reaching this year's Super party. Now many things could happen to change an all NY final but both teams are on a roll so as a New Yorker I like the idea. What I don't like is the need for a label.

These days when you pick up the sports section you see someone spouting the phrase Subway Series. This obviously stems from Baseball games played between the New York Mets from Queens and that other team that plays in the Bronx.

But for the record the moniker should not be used for any meeting between the two football franchises for many simple reasons. First and foremost is the fact that even though they both have New York in their names and on their uniforms and on their helmets and on those invoices for vastly over-proced tickets and unfair PSLs NEITHER TEAM PLAYS IN NEW YORK. Their home field is, currently Giant's Stadium in beautiful downtown East Rutherford, New Jersey. Did this piece of information escape the brains of the sports writers?

But if you wish to ignore that blatant error how about the fact that there is no subway in New Jersey and even if there were one the TWO TEAMS PLAY IN THE STADIUM.

Sorry, I don't mean to yell but really!

The last problem with calling a meeting in Super Bowl XLIII between the Giants and the Jets a Subway Series is that the game is to be played in Tampa! Does Tampa have a subway? I think not.

Of course the two teams will have to get there somehow and since they will both be starting from the Meadowlands how about giving it the nickname, "The Turnpike to I-95 Series?"

Don't like that?

Well then since so many New Yorkers seem to spend their last days in the Sunshine State how about "The New York Retirement Preview Bowl?" Too long? Well we all like acronyms so just call it the NYRP Bowl.

I think I have the best idea. Let's wait to see who gets inand then call it, are you ready for this SUPER BOWL XLIII. Radical! And may the best team in the AFC play the Giants.

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