Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Counting the Days

He's done his best to wreck our economy
And taken retirement completely out of me

His buddies are given green lights and free passes
To drill where they like and to damn all the masses

The endangered species list continues to grow
Conservationists cry foul but have no place to go

The stock markets drop when he mumbles his speeches
He stutters and stammers and basically screeches

How many have died or are living in Hell
With no valuable research on embryonic stem cell

Katrina, Al Qaeida, and WMD
No executive handle on these things had he

This meek-minded moron was Commander-In-Chief?
Charlie Brown said it best with a hearty, "Good Grief!"

But lo he'll be gone not a moment too soon
Then maybe the world will come out of its swoon

So many Americans are now out of work
At a barbecue what would they say to this jerk?

"One last statement to you Mr. W Bush
Before you leave office please kiss my big tush!"

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