Saturday, November 8, 2008

A POEm for 2008

Subtitle The Raving - (Thanks Dan)
With apologies to Edgar Allan -

Once upon a nation dreary
Whilst I sat laid-off and weary
Watching shrinking funds and leery
That my retirement's nevermore

Workless days are slowly mounting
My family is upon me counting
To pay the bills that are surmounting
All our savings as ne'er before

Winter looms as the year now gets old
Expect a snowy one I've been told
All those co-pay bills for one cold?
I need a job to pay healthcare for

Pounding pavement on weak ankles
All the 'No thanks' Boy they rankle
And to get my nerves back tranquill
I have another drink and more

Many calls I made to old friends
Many smiles and sighs and dead ends
Can't we just reverse the sad trends?
And return our haven as before?

I've one question and it's haunting
Is this problem just too daunting
Help from the wealthy, their money flaunting?
Quote stock markets, Nevermore?

Cost of living ever rising
Those at fault not apologizing
Banks are hoarding, not surprising
We can't take it anymore!

Please fix things and set the world free
Then from this nightmare come and wake me
Cure this ailing economy
Say yes we can - Not nevermore


train buddy said...

You're poem has me worried. Don't give up. I know there is the perfect job out there for you. It makes me sad to know that the person who can always put a smile on my face with his sense of humor is losing his. Hang in there.

mug guy said...

Of course I will! Remember the title of my page is eclectic and in keeping with it I have many different thoughts. This one was started by Mr. Poe so many years ago. I just borrowed it. My luck his attorneys will come after me.

amp 7-14-54 said...

I hope things start looking up for you and everyone else real soon. Although I am still employed, retirement funds are dwindling and now they have frozen my pension. Your situation is unbelievable and I never thought I'd see the likes of what's going on in my industry. Keeping my fingers crossed that things change for the better all around.

mug guy said...

Thanks and sorry that you experiencing trouble as well. I will most likely not see better times,or even a job until early next year unless I want to go the route of, "Would you like fries with that?" But I am hopeful and focused on January. I hope you stay well and your company realizes your worth.