Monday, May 5, 2008

Schumer's Quick Fix

Senator Chuck Schumer has his faults. He has many and the biggest one actually costs us a great deal of money but he does it in such a clandestine manner that most people do not even realize what he does. This piece however is not about his bedfellows in the venture capital world for which he makes millions for himself and billions for his friends. This piece is about his latest grab at the Pander headlines. Over the weekend Schumer proposed that we threaten the Saudis and demand that they lower our oil prices or we will not allow the arms and weapons deal to go through. That's right the arms and weapons deal. We are arming and weaponizing the World's enemy. The quick and easy fix will certainly scre the Saudis who will have to decide between sending more suicide bombers into America or merely calling up their puppet Mr. Bush and curtailing any threat.
Mr. Schumer is an idiot if he believes the Saudis will fall for this and even more of an idiot if he thinks we will. Perhaps he should read my piece on Oil for Breakfast and hold wheat and other grains hostage for the oil we so desperately love to waste.
His heart is in the right place, his own pocket; his fingers are in ours; and his head is up his ass.

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