Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Support Group

This one is a bit long but very important. You may read it in sections but read it.

It has been said that we are judged not by the people we like but by the people who like us. This would appear to a more accurate method of determining our character and for the most part it works. But unfortunately like with everything else in life no one or nothing is perfect with the possible exception of me.
And this brings me to today’s thought. Should we be placing so much emphasis on who supports each of the three main candidates in the race for the presidency this year?
On the one hand it is an easy way to figure out who believes they will benefit by the candidate winning America’s top job but on the other hand it might be a diversion.
Take for example Rush Limbaugh and his many misguided moronic followers. As a Conservative, at least verbally Mr. Limbaugh has long espoused the Republican platform. Yet he and his loyal listener legion are supposedly pushing for Senator Clinton to win the Democratic nomination. It is no secret that Limbaugh, idiot though he may be is quite smart in an ‘inciting to riot’ kind of way.

So with that in mind is he trying to get people to vote for Ms. Clinton or to stay away from her based on guilt by association? The only way to know for sure would be to get inside the head of Mr. Limbaugh and that would not be a pretty sight what with all the OxyContin etc. floating around. Certainly he is not an advocate of the Senator from New York but would he rather have Mr. Obama running against his McCain? The few supposedly undecided voters out there who follow Mr. Limbaugh might be swayed by his words but then they would not be Democratic voters in the first place.

So what is his support trying to do? Well for one thing many states allow switching parties for the primaries and that means his people could and have voted in the Democratic races. And they have done so especially since Mr. McCain won his party's nomination and does not need any more help, yet. Rush Limbaugh could think that Obama has a chance to beat McCain and therefore he wants Ms. Clinton as the opposition. BUT he must know that his transparency as a Clinton supporter is well known and therefore he may really wants the opposite, or Obama to win. That would mean that he feels McCain would do better against the Illinois Senator. He reminds me of the Wallace Shawn character in The Princess Bride. (You'll have to see the film to understand but it's worth it anyway.)

So how should the Democrats feel about this? THEY SHOULD NOT CARE. First of all the guy is, as I already said, an idiot.
Second of all whatever he is trying to do he is only one person and in America it is still one person one vote, sort of.
And third of all if you need to think about what Rush Limbaugh says then perhaps you shouldn’t be voting at all.

And then there is the Obama camp. He appears to have the young, and may I say inexperienced voter as well as many other groups who fall for the allure of change. But he also has the support of Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Wright and one must assume many other racially radical leaders. Jewish voters or just people who support Israel and their struggle to remain in existence in the midst of a hostile Arab world might find those supporters as troublesome to the point of being downright scary. Mr. Obama attempts to distance himself from the statements of his supporters yet when Ms. Clinton hypothetically states that an attack on Israel by Iran would bring about an annihilating retaliatory strike if she was the president he chides her statements as provocative. I guess the strike during his presidency would not deserve a defending reaction of our friend in the Middle East. And naturally Mr. Obama’s supporters would approve, as would big oil and Mr. Bush and his oil billionaire friends. Allowed to get rid of that pesky state guess how high the Arab scum would let our gas prices soar.

What it all boils down to is this; Americans should read about the candidates and seek out information from reliable sources before casting their votes this year. The last two times we voted for a president we got what we deserved, a total and absolute moron who has brought this country to the brink of economic destruction and the world to the brink of a global climate change unlike any ever seen by humanity.

I no longer care who says what about the candidates because I know who the best one would be at this juncture. I will not say who I support or try to sway anyone else because it is up to each of you to read and make up your own minds. Unfortunately I believe my candidate, the best one for the job will not even win her party’s nomination and that will make it twelve years in a row with a ‘not ready for prime time’ President. (McCain will not win no matter what.)
So in the end it is not who we like but who likes us that tells our story.
Bush was liked by big oil.
Farrakhan and Wright like Obama.
I like Ike.

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