Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What Happens in Vegas…

The phrase has become as ubiquitous as Master Card’s “Priceless” although not as flexible. That is unless you have a somewhat warped brain. Therefore let me give you my take.
For the third time in twelve years (I have been going to Las Vegas on business for fifteen years straight) I have broken a tooth. And since I chose not to keep the shard as a souvenir, what breaks in Vegas…
Luckily I no longer feel the need to gamble, or as I call it handing hard earned money over to a bunch of greedy corporations who make the rules and stack them in their favor. Wait a second, I already do hand over hard earned money to a greedy corporation that makes the rules and stacks them in their favor, and it’s called the IRS!
As for the hard core gambler you can see them every second of every day as they sit at the tables or the slot machines puffing on their cancer delivery sticks and sucking down all kinds of liquids to ensure cirrhosis of the liver. Their money is most definitely staying along with a few years of their lives.
The gamblers who sit at the tables are at least interacting with a dealer or croupier as they blow their life savings but the ones that I find to be totally pathetic are the ‘Morlock feeding’ Eloi who sit at the slot machines all day and night. Casino owners long ago figured out that it takes time to pull the arm in order to start the wheels of the slot machine turning and replaced them with a simpler, faster button. That means no exertion on the part of the loser and a much more efficient way of losing.
Watch the faces of the slots players and note that they do not smile unless they win a jackpot, and we all know how often that happens. In all fairness they do not frown when they lose either lest they reveal their true feelings. They are cool and confident and they are losers. They are losing time as well as money. Both stay…
But do not get the impression that all is terrible in Vegas. If you go their with intelligence and an open mind to all that the town has to offer you may actually enjoy yourself and still have some retirement money left over on your return home. There are plenty of shows and events to take you breath away and many of the top performers and Broadway shows now have a home in Vegas.
One main thing I noticed was the tremendous number of young people in town. They must have a lot more money than I did when I was their age and they certainly have more tolerance for liquor. When I was leaving for the airport AT FOUR AM THANK YOU VERY MUCH MR. ENGEL (my travel agent) I could not believe the noise level in the casino. Naturally there were the usual posse of pathetic players but the bars were full and overflowing with “Gen Y” drinkers still up from the previous night, or perhaps the night before. Young women, not working girls, walking around in clothing that almost cover their interesting parts and guys publically pawing them while still managing to hold their drinks.
Unfortunately three of these young studs decided to have an old-fashioned knock down drag out fight right in front of the taxi line. Before the security guards arrived the loser of the fight was incredibly bloodied and suffered broken ribs thanks to some strong kicks to his midsection. A great deal of his body fluids are staying as will the guy who did the damage.
One thing that did not stay in Vegas is something that seems to have left a long time ago, common sense, courtesy and decency. I miss Sammy, Joey, Dino, Frankie and the good old days. Surprisingly the town was a lot nicer and safer when it was run by “the Boys.”


Anonymous said...

It's great to see you back blogging. I missed it. Sounds like you had a grand time in Vegas -- wish I was there (NOT)!!!

Reschzoo said...

THank you. It's nice to be home but I already left for Maruland and graduation. See you next week.