Thursday, May 29, 2008

And So To Wed

Governor Paterson of NYS has asked that all state agencies recognize Gay Marriages legally performed in other states and countries. That means those individuals will be afforded all the rights other married couples are given such as healthcare, right of survivorship etc.

There are some that will say the governor is blind to the facts, sorry, but I personally applaud his sane and humane action. Isn't is about time we allow any CITIZEN of AMERICA to show and share his or her love for any other CITIZEN of AMERICA without butting in? In fact anyone who feels it necessary to do so is a BUTTHEAD! (Sound familiar BRUNO???)

If we continue to allow the so-called righteous religious right to dictate their values, or lack thereof on the rest of society how far are we from outlawing other religions? Suppose these morons don't like English Muffins? Will they demand that the Egg McMuffin be outlawed next?

With all the war in the world why would we choose to waste one second of thought or one ounce of effort to stop two people from peacefully sharing their love with each other?

You cannot tell me that the two happy people in this photo (Sharon Papo, left, and her partner Amber Weiss - AP Photo/Tony Avelar) are a threat to anyone else's values or to the supposed sanctity of marriage. They are merely filling out a form to make an appointment with the county clerk of San Francisco to get a marriage license at city hall. We do make it hard, don't we?

If you truly believe that the bible and the people who wrote that book would be upset by such happiness and love then you need to seek help my friend for you are the sick one!

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