Thursday, January 24, 2008

Green This!

The Earth is choking; or rather we are choking it. But Mother Earth will survive us even if we don't see the error of our ways. The problem is we the sheep are following the lead of the so-called world leaders. We are doing as they say even though they are not.
We the people are conserving.
We the people are recycling.
And we the people are moving toward alternative fuel vehicles.
However we would move quicker if we did not have to wait for multi-national corporations to figure out ways to harness the new found morality and turn it into mega-buck profits for themselves and their friends. Alternative fuel and fuel solutions are here and have been for quite some time. The reason we have not been able to use them is simple; the Exxon’s of the world have not figured out a way to control its use and thereby reap the huge profits. The “Fat Bastards” must be allowed to make their obscene salaries and bonuses or they will not let you and I off the hook, the gas pump hook. You need only watch how Bush’s eyes light up when he sees his lover, the Saudi prince. He actually holds his hand and has been caught on tape dancing with the SOB!
It has been almost six years since I answered the call. I agreed to accept and test an electric vehicle, the Think - a smart car for New York State and the Ford Corporation. I paid a $200 per month lease for the privilege of driving this really cool car.
A two-seater with a hatch back this car allowed me to go shopping and bring home a surprisingly large amount of groceries. It could reach speeds of around 55 to 60 miles per hour and was able to prove itself a safe vehicle on highways. I drove the Think around town, to movies and on errands. When I drove it to the train station on my way to work I was allowed to park in specially positioned spots that were also charging stations. When needed I could plug the car in in the morning and return to a fully charged vehicle at night.
The Think could get up to 70 miles on a charge so it was not good for long trips but it certainly took care of all the intermediate ones. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that it saved me hundreds of dollars on gas and saved the environment hundreds of dollars worth of gasoline caused pollution.
I drove the car for two years and was forced to return it to Ford to be thrown out after logging 6,666.6 miles. The mileage is not an exaggeration or a mistake. I made sure that when I turned the car back to the bastards who were unceremoniously stopping this wonderful experiment that it showed that number symbolic to some of the Devil.
Our government, currently in bed with so many special interest groups and Arab oil producing scum of the earth leaders that it would put any of my readers to sleep before reading them all decided that the electric car was just not viable. But don’t take my word for it, go out and rent the great documentary, “Who Killed the Electric Car.”
Find out what American company bought out the patent for an amazing electric battery that could power an electric car to over 300 miles on a charge and do zero to 60 in 6 seconds.
The government loves to debunk conspiracy theories but this one is real and is only the tip of the iceberg. And while you’re at it go see an iceberg soon because they’re disappearing faster than you can say Inconvenient Truth.
Kick OPEC back to Hell where they belong. Demand alternative fuels. The sheep of the world can continue to follow the path and recycle and buy ‘green’ and do the right thing but until the governments of the world, and most especially the good old United States of America own up to the reality and stop sleeping with the enemy we haven’t got a chance.

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