Sunday, January 27, 2008

The RACE for the Presidency

It has always been below the surface, lurking around the corner or hiding under the bed. Race and the differences or even similarities therein are always with us. And now more than ever or at least since the time of the 13th amendment in 1865 it is at the forefront of our lives.
Little by little nearly everything said by the two front running candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination is being translated into a sort of race language.
But there is also another issue that should be considered. Equally as oppressive as is the racial divide is the below the surface, lurking, hiding issue of gender. While not as physically violent it is nevertheless as real as its counterpart. Women can point to 1922 and the 19th amendment for their first step toward equality.
And so whatever is said by these two ground-breaking candidates it is also couched into terms of gender.
So and so played the race card while so and so played the victim and cried. Both sides are at fault but neither side can be faulted. We are to blame.
Just by answering the polls we propagate the stupidity.
And many in America commit the worst crime they could possibly commit, VWU Voting While Uninformed. A supposed majority of voters did so in 2000 and most assuredly once again 2004. It is up to us to get past the publicity and the rhetoric. We must understand what is at stake and look at the big picture. The next President of the United States must hit the floor running if we hope to regain our stature in the eyes of the world.
When Senator Clinton made the terrible mistake of attributing Dr. Martin Luther King’s success in his fight for Civil Rights and Voting Rights to then President Lyndon Baines Johnson she slighted her opponent’s supporters. How dare she say that a white president was needed to get justice for the black community? First of all a president was needed to help get the bill through congress and turn it into law. Second of all there have only been white presidents so far. And last of all she was correct. Anyone interested in checking this out please go back and read.
This does not nor should it cast any aspersions on the work of Dr. King but facts are facts and the two men worked hand in hand to get the job done. If our next President is Black then issues and problems of particular concern to the White community will have to be championed in part by that Black President in order to be resolved.
Luckily in this country we have a constitution and a government of checks and balances. And while it may not take a village to get things done it does take more than one person. This makes it hard for any one man, or woman to rule as a tyrant or dictator (sorry W.) Dr. King’s ideals were no-brainers but they could not become laws without changes to our constitution.
After 143 years of struggling for freedom a black or African American man has a very real chance of becoming the President of the United States of America.
After 86 years of head butting against the all too real glass ceiling in our country a woman has a very real chance of becoming the President of the United States of America.
It is up to us. We the People must get past the rhetoric. Both Democratic candidates are deserving of our praise but both of them have their own ideas and ideals. Both of them could do our country proud as president. But if either of them wishes to be President they must put gender and RACE out of the race.

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